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My name is Bryan Knutson, an Inventory Control Manager from Minnesota. I love to travel (because I’m a human being) but I don’t get to venture out into the world as often as I’d like (because I’m a poor human being). Together with my wife, Beth, I make the best of our infrequent trips. Mixed Knuts Travel Blog is an outlet for me to share our trips and planning tips. As a traveler, I’m a penny-pincher. As a writer, I’m long-winded with a sharp wit. I’m fluent in sarcasm. Read on below to learn more about me or skip right to the Trip posts or my Fun with Maps series.

Get to know me:


Beth and Bryan Knutson

1. I have been to 46 states while my wife has been to 48. We’ve been to 43 of them together. I just need to get to Mississippi and West Virginia before we go to Alaska and Hawaii and we’ll get to 50 at the same time!

2. I’ve been to six countries; Canada, Mexico, Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States (of course).

3. I won my eighth grade Geography Bee. I was tied with another guy for the last ten questions because neither of us knew any of the answers. My eventual winning answer was “Colorado River” and had something to do with Lake Mead. I recently visited Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam for the first time.

4. My twitter handle is @admajority. Follow me if you want to hear about movies, television shows, fantasy football, Minnesota sports teams or bad drivers. I tweet on vacation sometimes too, I suppose.

5. I often spend way too much time pre-planning trips. I technically have our next four road trip routes already decided. FINE, I have the next seven routes already decided. I look at a map and the dots just connect in my mind, like a nerdy super power.

6. I love maps of all sorts. Paper maps, online maps, statistic maps, historic maps, fictional maps (from books and television shows), and globes. I like to make my own maps too.

Cody Dam 5

Our dog, Maeby


7. I earned the Eagle Scout award while a member of the Boy Scouts of America in Troop 290. I got my road trip start with my family growing up but the first ones I ever planned myself were with the Boy Scouts. I planned two trips to Chicago and one to St. Louis for the Troop including routes, accommodations, and activities.

8. I like movies, television shows, and sports. I don’t like heights or spiders.

9. I’m open to turning this blog into a profitable venture if anyone out there wants to help me do so (just putting it out there).

Note: All map images on Mixed Knuts Travel Blog are either of my own creation, were taken from Google Maps, or I will do my best to cite all sources accurately. All first person accounts in the blog are my own memories and happened, assuming of course that we’re not really in the Matrix or part of some kind of ‘Truman Show’ scenario, both great movies.

Bryan Signature 2

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