Fun with Maps 327&328

Map 327 shows how landlocked each province of Europe is. That’s not a thing you probably thought you needed to know prior to reading that first sentence, but if you are like me (hungry and tired?), then you may have realized just how important that information is. It’s not important in a traditional sense, of course, but if you’re a world-traveling ship captain and really need to know which provinces of Europe you cannot reach from the sea, have I got the map for you!

I wish this map, which I found on MapMania, had labels on the provinces so I could look up the most landlocked ones (for fun research, of course) but oh well.


Map 328 features the shoreline of the East Coast of North and South America as well as much of the Caribbean. Titled “1529 Map of the Americas”, this very cool map even shows a bit of the West Coast of Central and South America. Whomever made this map hundreds of years ago must have trekked across Central America in order to chart the coast on the other side too. From there they clearly didn’t sail too far North or South because the map is unfinished. Still very impressive.

It is not the easiest map to read as shown but you can zoom and read it better here. While not 100% accurate to how the planet looks in reality, (Florida looks slightly off, for example), this map is very close to accurate considering the lack of technology that would have gone into its creation. I’m no expert in 16th century map-making but I imagine they used a sextant, the stars, parchment, ink, and a quill. Very cool!

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Bonus Map Link: I have no idea what this map says because it’s in another language

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Countries that have been at war with France, the United Kingdom, and Germany

Bonus Bonus Bonus Map Link: 12 Ways to Divide the UK







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