Fun with Maps 325&326

I have been away from the blog for about a month and probably will be for another stint here as Beth is expected to give birth in the next week or less (hopefully less). I’ll be sure to share our birth story as soon as I can after it happens but having a newborn around can make blogging difficult. So, I wanted to make a post here since it could be awhile before I get another chance.

Map 325 shows the primary languages of Central Asia. Apparently, there are many. 26.83% speak Persian (light blue), the highest percentage of any language in the region. Second highest is Uzbek (light green) at 24.2%. 12.5% is Kazakh (teal) while Pashto (light pink) is fourth highest at 9.66%. Kazakhstan shares a large border with Russia so there is a decent amount of Russian (orange) represented in the map as well with 6.35%.

The large swathes of beige in the map represent deserts

Language maps are awesome. I didn’t know previously that there were so many different languages and dialects spoken in these six ‘-stan’ countries and it’s always interesting to learn how they are distributed geographically. There is a surprising amount of language mixing in each country. Some of the languages have serious reach while others mostly stay within their borders, Turken (green) and Kyrgyz (dark green), for example. Neat!

Map 326 shows the 2019 travel route of the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes play eight games in Minneapolis, of course, and their eight away games take place all over the country. Three of the away games are division games so they play in those stadiums (Lambeau Field, Soldier Field, and Ford Field) once every year. Less frequently, the Vikings will play in Seattle, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Dallas later this season. They already played in New York when they beat the Giants in Week 5.

The Vikings are now 6-2 after beating Washington last night. The schedule gets tougher coming up but hopefully they can keep up the good winning pace. Skol Vikings!

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Bonus Map Link: Interactive Flood Map

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Hogs Across America

Bonus Bonus Bonus Map Link: Energy Poverty Maps






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