Fun with Maps 321&322

I normally prefer not to give you two United States maps in the same post but Independence Day is tomorrow so I’m going to roll with it. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Map 321 features the U.S cities with the most and least student debt. Student loan debt is a big topic right now because the collective debt of students throughout the country is over 1.5 trillion American dollars according to Forbes (and that article is a year old). Various Democratic Presidential Candidates are working on potential plans to make it easier for people to pay off their loans, eliminate their loans entirely, and/or for students to get cheaper loans in the future. So you might be wondering where that massive student debt is concentrated most in the country. No? Just me? Well, here’s a map just in case. It was made by Yahoo Finance using data from Wallethub.

The circles are different sizes based on the ratio of student debt to median earnings of bachelor’s degree holders. The larger circles, the red ones, are the cities with the most debt. There is a concentration of red cities in the South and across the Rust Belt. The smaller green circles, the cities with the least debt, are mostly on the West Coast. There are several in Silicon Valley. There are a lot of major tech companies in the area so it stands to reason that salaries are high enough to cause low ratios even though the cost of living is so high. It’s a cool map, overall. It’s too bad it’s about such a depressing topic.


Map 322 simply must be based on flawed polling data. took information from Google Trends in order to determine the ‘most beloved Pixar movie’ for each state. The data, however, is just terrible. I mean, just look at it. Garbage.

Up is the favorite in seventeen states, mostly East of the Mississippi except for Missouri and Oklahoma. That stat I can believe. Up is a great movie. It has a touching story and interesting characters. The movie with the second most states at eight, is 2012’s Brave. Brave, while visually similar to the other later Pixar projects (i.e visually beautiful), is just trash. The story doesn’t make sense. The dialogue is awful. The characters are unlikeable and boiled down to cliches. I hate it and Google Trends thinks it’s Minnesota’s favorite Pixar film. There are at least ten movies I guarantee Minnesotans love more. All the Toy Story movies are fantastic. That series really should be more popular on the map. Inside Out, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E are enjoyable. A Bug’s Life is okay. I haven’t seen many of these in a while (and two of them I haven’t seen at all) but Brave? Come on! And although I do not trust the data, if Cars 2 really is the favorite Pixar movie of Arkansas I am very disappointed in you, Arkansas. Cars 2 sucks so hard.

Let me know your favorite Pixar film and your home state (or country) in the comments below. We’ll get to the bottom of this for real this time!

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Bonus Map Link: It’s still terrible to be homosexual in the United States








Map 321

Map 322

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