Fun with Maps 309&310

FiveThirtyEight compiled data on where Democrats and Republicans live across the United States and the results may not surprise you. It is well known that urban areas tend to favor the liberal Democratic Party while suburban and rural areas prefer the conservative Republican Party. So how does that common knowledge compare to the factual data collected by FiveThirtyEight? Take a gander at my home town, the Twin Cities of Minnesota in Map 309.

I don’t know everything about the area, of course, even though I’ve lived here my entire life, but the areas with red/pink (the darker the color the higher the margin of victory for that party in the 2016 election) tend to be a bit more conservative. I have a couple coworkers that live up that direction and they are quite conservative. They have views on many topics with which I fully disagree. They clapped when President Pants-on-Fire was inaugurated… like stopped what they were doing at work and clapped in the otherwise silent room, so weird. Anyway, obviously liberals and conservatives live all over the place and are typically neighbors regardless of how they may disagree politically.

So how do other cities compare? Some of the major cities are almost completely liberal, such as Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but there are plenty of others that are more conservative. State and county election maps usually contain small, dense dots of blue and wide swathes of red with the final elections typically being relatively even. The Democrats win some and the Republicans win some, even though an uninformed person may see a giant patch of red. Take a look at some more examples in the gallery below and head on over to FiveThirtyEight to see if your city is listed (just don’t forget to come back). How does your city compare?


Map 310 shows former and current unrecognised states in Africa. I love maps of former countries and countries that were not officially recognized. That being said, I’m sure there has been a lot of pain and death as a result of conflicts mentioned in the map. Some of the states shown fought wars for independence (some even won) while others are fighting for their independence now, such as Sahrawi in Morocco in which guerillas have been running a portion of the country since 1976. Civil Wars and coups are a common occurrence in the text. Some countries operate their own governments but have not yet been fully recognized as independent entities on the world stage. Check out the map for lots of really interesting information.

What a great learning opportunity! Until next time,

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Bonus Map Link: U.S Military Interventions in Latin America

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Provisional Australian Federal Election Results


Map 309

Map 310

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