Fun with Maps 305&306

Map 305 is a transit map for Game of Thrones fans. I’ve featured fake transit maps before and Game of Thrones maps too but this is a fun mix. I don’t watch the show, personally, but I’ve seen clips and my preferred sports talk radio show talks about it a lot. I could see myself watching it one day, for sure. As for now, I don’t have HBO so I’ll have to wait. Have you been to Westeros, you know, digitally? Then you’ll probably recognize the names of these places a lot better than myself.


Map 306 comes from a 2013 New York Times opinion piece titled, “Imagining a Remapped Middle East”. The author, Robin Wright, postulated back then that five Middle Eastern countries, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, could be split into fourteen smaller countries. She has written several books on the Middle East so let’s see what she suggests. Definitely read the text within the map as well for descriptions of the splits.

“Outsiders have long gamed the Middle East: What if the Ottoman Empire hadn’t been divvied up by outsiders after World War I? Or the map reflected geographic realities or identities? Reconfigured maps infuriated Arabs who suspected foreign plots to divide and weaken them all over again.”

So what would make this version of the region any different than the problematic reality we have now? The smaller countries in the map are divided on religious grounds and by factions. This could mean less strife within the countries as they become allies and build trade relationships with the rest of the world. Now obviously things never work out this cleanly, and the author does admit as much, but it is interesting to see an expert’s gaming of the map. Very neat!

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Bonus Map Link: World War II Map

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Wine Map of Bordeaux, France

Bonus Bonus Bonus Map Link: Movements of Aboriginal Australians

Bonus Quasi-Map Link: Okay so it’s bird’s eye views of different Aircraft Carriers which look a bit like maps


Map 305

Map 306

Map 306 Opinion Piece

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