Fun with Maps 303&304

I have very little context to share regarding Map 303. I originally thought it was in Russian since I recognized cyrillic characters but upon using Google Translate on some city names and phrases within the map I believe it to actually be Belarusian! I don’t normally share maps I cannot read but it is a cool looking map. I was inspired to find the same location on Google Maps despite not being able to read this map. Translating bits and pieces was difficult because much of the text contains characters I do not have on my English keyboard. I had to open a virtual keyboard to type in city names and then translate that text into English. It wasn’t until later that I realized latitude and longitude were both included on the map (whoops). Do you speak/read Belarusian? Take a look.

Here is the Google Maps equivalent for comparison:

I sincerely hope this isn’t a map of proposed ethnic cleansing or some other horrible thing but, as I’ve stated, I cannot read it. I wish I knew the purpose of the map and when it was created. St. Petersburg, Russia is not listed on the map so it’s possible the map is from or depicts a time before 1703 when that city was founded. I really want to know what the different colors and red circles represent. Anyway, here’s hoping someone with the necessary language skills can help me out in the comments below.


Map 304 shows the life expectancy of Harris County in Texas and the city of Houston. This map and corresponding research come from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Researchers imagined that there would be interesting results when examining life expectancy by zip code and their hypothesis proved accurate. The county average life expectancy is 78.9 years but the low is 69.8 years (zip code 77026). The highest age was zip code 77073 at 89.7 years; that’s a spread of 19.9 years just within one county (albeit a large one containing the fourth largest city in the United States).

My sister-in-law and her family live in one of the green zip codes near Bellaire

So what causes some zip codes to fall behind their neighbors by almost 20 years of life expectancy? One potential cause is poverty rate, “a known factor that’s related to life expectancy”. Zip codes with less than five percent of the population living in poverty have a life expectancy of 82.4 years while those with twenty percent poverty or higher average just 76.4 years.

Researchers also explored how gender and race affected life expectancy. Their research is available in an interactive map which you should definitely check out (and then come back to read more Fun with Map posts, of course). It covers the entire state of Texas, not just Houston.

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Bonus Map Link: States That Mooch Off of the Others

Bonus Bonus Map Link: European River System During the Last Ice Age


Map 303

Map 304

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