Fun with Maps 295&296

It has snowed like crazy in the Twin Cities the past 45 days. Holy moly has it snowed! This February was the snowiest February in Minnesota since they started keeping track of that statistic, and the fourth snowiest month overall. 39 inches! There were a couple times where it snowed and it was supposed to snow again two days later so I put off shovelling and just left it. My snow-blower hasn’t worked all winter.

We were expecting another ten inches yesterday but it stayed just warm enough in the metro here that instead it rained for several hours before finally switching over to the powdery stuff. If you also live in a climate that is gets a lot of snow you’ll know that is not a good thing. I shoveled around noon today and the first 70% was fine, really light powder, but that last 30% at the end of the driveway was so heavy and wet. My father-in-law pointed out on Facebook that “Of course, snow is wet!” but the rain before snow was not helpful, at all. My back is a little sore right now and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it even more tomorrow. I saw this link online and learned that to help prevent basement flooding as this heavy snowfall melts in Spring that I need to shovel out three to four feet from around my house. Good luck, basement! You’re on your own.

Map 295 shows the snow totals from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The map only shows 15-18″ of snow depth in most of the Twin Cities metropolitan area but we’ve had more snow than is currently on the ground. Some parts of the Arrowhead area in the Northeast near Lake Superior have more than 30″ piled up! A tiny little section near Iowa only has 8-12″ (lucky them).

How much snow is on the ground in your neck of the woods? Let me know in the comments below.

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Map 296 covers the average cost of a date in the United States. Costs for taking your significant other (or potential significant other) out on the town for a good time vary from block to block and city to city. The idea of a good date also varies from person to person. That being said, somebody over at determined how much it costs on average for dinner for two, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets in each state and put it into a nice map (that I found on Yahoo). Take a look.

The average date in Minnesota costs $109.81. Beth and I would not feel comfortable spending anything close to $110 for one night out, at least not at this phase of our life; maybe in a few years when more of the mortgage is paid off. These figures are averages, obviously, so not everyone is blowing a ton of money on dates. For every inexpensive date in Albany, New York there’s a couple dropping $500 on a bottle of something alcoholic alone not to mention tickets to a show and a fancy meal in New York City. That’s why the average date in New York is $297.27. If you’re interested in a bargain, get yourself on out to the Dakotas, Nebraska, or Iowa.

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