Fun with Maps 293&294

Map 293 is one of the best maps out there. How do I know? The topic of said map is none other than Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! My wife, Beth, sent me this map earlier today and I love it. Hogwarts is cool. Maps are cool. What’s not to love?!

This map shows lots of great moments from the Harry Potter series of books including the massive spider nest in the Forbidden Forest (book two), where Harry cast a patronus to save Sirius (book three), the Dragon Pavillion (book four), and where Harry and Draco discovered the dead unicorn (book one). There’s a lot of detail including individual buildings in Hogsmeade village and parts of the school including the greenhouses and Hagrid’s Hut. I may have shared other Harry Potter maps before, it’s hard to remember, but this one is truly wonderful. The detail is great and visually it’s the tops!


Map 294 is also of the geek culture variety, this time from esteemed author JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. There is a new LOTR show coming to Amazon Prime. It’s still unclear when the new Lord of the Rings show will premiere but it sounds like some of the movie cast may reprise their roles! Here is an interactive version of the image below. Go check it out and then come right back. No seriously, don’t forget to come back. I’m super needy and will miss you.

Oh good, you’re back! This isn’t the map of Middle Earth I recognize. I don’t see The Shire listed. Gondor and Rohan aren’t visible either. Perhaps it’s from a different era of Middle Earth. Those places either don’t exist in the era pictured or maybe the names are in a different language (elvish?). Either way, I’m looking forward to the five season run us fans have been promised. I know LOTR has a huge worldwide following so hopefully the ratings are high and the show does well. Amazon spent $250 million on the TV rights so ideally they earn it all back and make a sweet profit so they (and other networks) are motivated to make other great geeky shows.

How can this show not be a major success?! What do you think? Are you excited to see Gandalf and Hobbits are the small screen? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bonus Map Link: MLS Map


Map 293

Map 294

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