Fun with Maps 283&284

Map 283 features the minimum wage in each state of the United States. The current Federal minimum wage is just $7.25 in the US but several states have passed laws to increase that figure. Five states have done the opposite by not mandating a minimum wage but of the 45 states with one the average is $8.40. There are also individual communities like Seattle, New York City, and Minneapolis that have passed laws to increase the minimum within city limits.

For my American readers, how does your state fare?
Map 283.png

My home state of Minnesota does okay when compared to the rest of the country but I know there are many that wish the minimum was higher. There are movements throughout the country to increase the local minimum wage to $15 per hour. Some believe that amount is too high for someone flipping burgers but it sure is difficult to make a living on $7.25! Imagine living in one of the seven states with either no minimum or a minimum lower than the Federal minimum (Wyoming and Georgia)!

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Map 284 also shows all fifty states in the U.S. but has a subject that is a bit more peculiar. It comes from a website called ‘Terrible Maps’. It’s clearly a joke name, however, because this map is great! My brother-in-law Dave sent it to me and I am happy to now share it with you. Chance a glance!


Map 284

But Bryan, there is no label. What could this map represent? It’s not political preferences or average home price. Could it be pet preference or Edward vs JMap 284 Supplementacob? Nope! This map shows the eye color of each state’s Governor! 22 Governors have brown eyes and 27 have blue. That’s right, only one Governor in the United States has green eyes! I have green eyes and I had no idea I was, at least currently, only represented by Virginia’s Ralph Northam. I actually looked him up and he technically has hazel-brown eyes, not green. They mostly look brown in photos but he’s also a bit of squinter so that’s doesn’t help me tell.

I’m going to follow Terrible Maps going forward to see more cool maps. How cool that someone took the time to investigate the eye color of fifty people and map it. What’s next? I want to see a map of what color cars the governor’s drive! Why? Because maps, that’s why!

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Map 284


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