Fun with Maps 275&276

Map 275 concerns Hurricane Florence and comes in four parts. This series of maps can be found on the New York Times. Each one shows sites of different types that are in the path of Hurricane Florence that might cause additional problems for locals as the strong storm causes flooding throughout the region.

Chemical Sites (where used or stored):

Map 275D

Superfund Toxic Waste Sites:

Map 275C

Coal Ash Ponds:

Map 275B

Pig Farms:

Map 275A

That last one might seem odd in the group of more obvious potential problems but apparently the Carolinas are well populated by pigs and their waste (pig manure is a big industry down there I guess). When manure lagoons are flooded that material ends up all over the place and can taint water and food supplies as well as spread illness.

I know the storm is weakening now that it’s on land but I do hope you all stay safe if you are in the path. At least five people have died as a result of this strong storm. At least four of my Facebook friends live in the area and thankfully they are all safe and uninjured.

* * * * *

Map 276 is another NFL media market map (because Map 274 was so much fun).

Map 276

The Vikings play the Packers today and the markets in red on the map will see that game. It’s a big divisional matchup with playoff implications (yes, even this early in the season) so it will be seen by the most markets.

Here’s a list of the other games and colors:

  • Green: Lions @ 49ers
  • Orange: Cardinals @ Rams
  • Purple: Eagles @ Buccaneers
  • Yellow: Browns @ Saints
  • Cyan: Panthers @ Falcons

All the home markets and their neighbors will see their teams play, of course. The only time that doesn’t happen is if there is a media blackout caused by low ticket sales but that hasn’t happened in a few years in any home market. Just like last Sunday there are some curious choices. Honolulu, without a team of its own, will watch the 49ers hopefully demolish the Lions. It is also interesting to see that the St. Louis Market will see the Vikings and Packers instead of the Rams and Cardinals. The Rams moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and I would have thought the St. Louis market would still get Rams games whenever available. Apparently, that is not the case (this week at a minimum). The nearby Kansas City market will see it, however, despite having its own team to cheer for (their game is over on CBS).

Until next time, SKOL VIKES!



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Bonus Map Link: Google’s New Globe Mode

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Early Fall Minnesota Foliage Map







Four Maps of 275





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