Fun with Maps 261&262

This will be a quick post because James is sick this weekend and I don’t know how long he’ll be napping. The last couple nights have been rough with him coughing himself awake every other hour.

Map 261 shows, well, I’ll let the title tell you.

Map 261

This map was posted by Tim Wenger on The Matador Network. I found it on Facebook and found it quite interesting. The fact that women in the United States only gained the right to vote in 1920 is surprising enough (and shameful, but it was a different time back then I suppose) but then you look at many of the other countries throughout the world and it’s even worse. Chinese women earned the vote in 1947. Namibia started equal suffrage in 1989. Saudi Arabia was the latest in 2011 and there wasn’t an actual opportunity for women to vote there until 2015. On the other end of the spectrum, the earliest adopter of universal suffrage was New Zealand in 1893. Australia, Norway and Finland followed shortly after. Way to go you four! Women’s suffrage is just one of the important topics covered on the Matador Network this month for Women’s History Month.

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Map 262 is also about voting. More specifically, it shows the 2016 United States Presidential Election in a new way. Most traditional election maps in this country show Red States and Blue States and how many electoral votes each candidate earned. This map, however, shows one dot for each vote cast. The dots are still blue and red but this version of the United States (Continental US only, unfortunately) does what the standard one does not; it shows all the empty space between the votes in less populated States out West. These states, with fewer Electoral College votes, often make large swathes of land loyal to Republican candidates when they don’t actually represent very many people. This map shows the popular vote, which as you may remember, was won by Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes.

Map 262

I just followed Kenneth Field because his Twitter bio says he focuses on maps and design (my kind of guy). Check him out if you are similarly map-motivated.

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Bonus Map Link: National Park Road Trip Map





Map 262

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