Fun with Maps 253&254

Map 250 shows the most popular Super Bowl party foods in each state. The map was created by Minnesota’s own General Mills ahead of this week’s Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to the game, the commercials, and the food, of course, but I am disappointed my Vikings failed so miserably two weeks ago when facing the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. They haven’t made it to the Super Bowl in 41 years and I thought this might be the year they could do it. It didn’t happen for us but at least there’s the Winter Olympics to look forward to next week. Take a look at the map and see what your state prefers.

Map 253

I think I would eat a lot of the options on the list if given the chance (although not all at once). I wouldn’t eat Oklahoma’s Stuffed Mushrooms or Kansas’s Dill Pickle Soup but people must generally like those dishes in those states.

What does your state like to eat to at Super Bowl parties? Do you agree with your neighbors or would you prefer a good hot dish? And if you’re not familiar go look it up!


Map 254 is also related to the Super Bowl (it is top of mind after all). It claims to show which states are supporting each team in the big game, the Eagles and the Patriots, based on Twitter data. As you can see, there are only four states cheering for the Patriots tomorrow; Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and North Dakota. The first three are clearly in Patriots-country, New England. The last, North Dakota, is more likely cheering against the Eagles more so than cheering for the Patriots. That is due to how Eagles fans treated Vikings fans in Philadelphia during the NFC Championship. They were horrible.

Map 254ANot all Eagles fans are like that (horrible) but a massive portion of them are. North Dakotans, Vikings fans mostly, were smart enough to not pick the Patriots. I know there is a flaw in this map, however. Minnesota should be blue as well (at least for this matchup) so I fixed it. Here ye be.

Map 254B

I’m definitely cheering for the Patriots tomorrow. Yes, I’m also sick of their dynasty just like most of you, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to choose the stupid Eagles based on how terrible their fans are.

Until next time,


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