Fun with Maps 249&250

I have been absolutely swamped lately with work. This past week we did inventory, for which I am responsible, so I worked 64 hours in five days in what was a four-day week for everyone else (meaning I also got eight hours of holiday pay). My company has also been renovating the building the past four months and I’ve been more or less in charge of organizing everything. The CEO is still making most of the decisions but I have to implement his plans, source and meet with various contractors, and do some of the physical work myself.

Here are some maps of the building that I created using CAD drawings that other people made. Map 249 is a CAD drawing of the building floorplan. I took the original and made several changes using Adobe Photoshop. I deleted segments that were changing during the renovations and added colors to indicate where the flooring was being replaced. I sent this map out to the entire company to keep everyone informed on the renovation the week prior to the green section was completely re-carpeted and the blue section’s concrete was covered with epoxy.

Flooring Change

Everyone that used to sit in the green area of the building was crammed into the smaller office in the bottom left of the map for several months and they needed to be made aware that they would need to go outside and around the building if they wanted to reach the production floor (the largest room) or the break-room while the work was being completed. The blue section used to be part of the production floor long ago but has mostly been used for long-term storage (junk mostly) and a small area of software testing and engineering R&D. I’ll explain more about what the blue area became with the next map.

Map 250 is the current building floorplan now that the work is almost complete. I used a CAD drawing created by the company supplying our new cubicle furniture and added some details in Photoshop. The dotted-line areas on the production floor are now accurate to what is really there. I manage the production staff as they assemble control panels in those work stations. The blue area from the previous map is now populated with cubicles and two offices inhabited by employees of a sister-company that has moved in with us. It’s a much better use of space than the massive junk pile that was there before (even though I got to use part of that pile for my department’s storage). We also added three private offices in the lower left corner and enclosed the reception area with glass walls, the only part of the renovation that is not yet fully complete.


Finally, here’s a bonus map I made quickly using Google Maps and clip art. As part of the building renovations my company also worked on the parking lots. We added a small lot on the West side (left on the image), re-poured asphalt for the visitor parking to the South, re-did all the concrete sidewalks and curbs, and filled potholes in the main lot. That portion of work lasted for two months and required frequent closures and re-routing of traffic. This map is one of many I sent out during that span of time to indicate how people should enter the parking lot. This map was accurate when the concrete apron at the front entrance and the transitions to the fire lane to the North of the building were being replaced.

Parking Restriction Map

If you’re interested you can also check out the original building blueprints that I found while cleaning the building before the renovations could start. This renovation has been very time-consuming but I’m very glad I volunteered to lead the efforts. It’s been incredibly rewarding in experience and clout within my company.

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Google Maps
Technical Schematics Created by ABF


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