Fun with Maps 245&246

I’ve been reading my Twitter feed a lot in the past year as the political climate as devolved. Before then I would read it less frequently and mostly for entertainment news. I no longer have that luxury as Twitter and every social media platform has become obsessed with politics. It’s not always a bad thing, however. I get to hear important news much earlier than I would have otherwise, read opinions from a wider audience than just people I see every day, and sometimes I get to see maps! That is where I found Map 245. It was posted by Leonardo Carella, someone I do not follow personally. It shows the state of Alabama by district and how those districts would have voted if the recent Senatorial election was for the House of Representatives instead. I’ll let you read the text of Leonardo’s tweet yourself.

Map 245

This is only one example of how gerrymandering has ruined fair representation of the American people. Republicans have been the most successful in ‘rigging’ the system through gerrymandering as of late but both major political parties are guilty of it. Given the opportunity to adjust the borders of districts to benefit themselves, each party will and has seized. Gerrymandering is one of the main reasons we currently have a Republican-controlled Congress and a moronic, narcissistic, racist, disgusting President. Several states have passed laws to move their current systems of district-based voting to one that promises all of their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. Hopefully that movement can pick up even more steam and can become the primary method the people of the United States use to choose their representatives going forward.

The people of Alabama did recently choose a new Senator, Doug Jones, to replace Jeff Sessions (blegh). The Democrats won the popular vote by a slim margin and would have lost six seats. No wonder the state hasn’t fielded a Democratic Senator in 25 years! While I am proud that a Democrat was able to (just barely) defeat a multi-alleged pedophile, there is clearly room to improve in this country. Thank you to the African-American community for voting overwhelmingly for the better candidate while a majority of white voters in the state said they were not bothered by their preferred candidate attempting to date teenage girls (alert: this is an example of how there is much room to improve).

* * * * *

Speaking of our horrible President, here’s a horrible thing he did recently. Map 246 shows the original boundary of Bears Ear National Monument (left) and the new version that Trump created as a way of robbing the American people. Take a look.

Map 246

The map comes from the New York Times. They summed up the issue fantastically as well. “The monument, a vast, remote stretch of red rock canyons, dotted with Native American sites, was reduced by 85 percent – more than a million acres – and divided into two disconnected parks. The nearby Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, designated by President Bill Clinton in 1996, was also diminished by 45 percent. Soon after the announcement, five Native American tribes sued the Trump administration, arguing that Mr. Trump was ‘attempting to, in effect, abolish the Bears Ears National Monument.’ Several more lawsuits have since been filed by conservation, historical and outdoor industry groups.”

I’m not confident these lawsuits will change anything back to the way it was, nor can they protect other National Monuments if Trump goes after them with his metaphorical scissors. This administration has done so much in ten months to cheat the American people and it is infuriating. All we have to cling to is a hope that the next President will  restore the Monument to it’s previous form (much like Trump is attempting to undo all of Barack Obama’s policies and accomplishments).

I’m tired and depressed now. Until next time,


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Leonardo Carella’s Twitter
The New York Times

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