Fun with Maps 237&238

Map 237 puts a name to every neighborhood in Manhattan, some of which you’ve probably heard of. Harlem is very well known, of course, as are Tribeca, SoHo, Hell’s Kitchen, and Greenwich Village. Central Park, at the center of the map, definitely stands out as famous location as well. Other neighborhoods may be new to you, such as Turtle Bay, NoHo, and Yorkville (I know I had no recollection of them). I found this beauty of a map on Pinterist. I assume it was made by an NYC fanatic or realtor looking to help their clients understand their real estate options.

Map 237

From what I’ve seen in movies and television shows New Yorkers always seem to know which neighborhood restaurants or parties are in based on their street addresses. If you’re from NYC, especially Manhattan, please let me know in the comments below if you know the borough like the back of your hand or if it’s all just Hollywood magic. I’d also like to hear any first-person comparisons of the different neighborhoods if you’ve lived in multiple.

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I love Mexican food (and lots of other food) so when I saw an article on Thrillist claiming to list the “31 Best Mexican Restaurants in America” you know I had to check it out! Articles like this should be very map-friendly but for some reason the authors either don’t think of including one or they are just too lazy to do so. What I do in these disappointing situations is help these authors by making the simple map they clearly should have made (or paid someone to make (my services are definitely available, by the way)). Here’s Map 238, which took me fifteen minutes to make using Google’s Custom Map Tool.

Map 238

There are a couple areas where the top 31 restaurants are fairly close together so here are some close-ups as well.


Having surveyed the list (and now map) I am severely disappointed in the lack of Midwest representation. The only Mexican eateries in the Midwest are both in Chicago; Carnitas Uruapan and Topolobampo. I don’t know how the authors, Matt Lynch and Jose Ralat, chose the top 31 restaurants (they obviously didn’t eat at every Mexican restaurant in the country) but I’m thinking there has to be some delicious choices closer to my house that could have made the list! I don’t have time or the money to travel to such exotic locations like Albuquerque and Long Island to personally taste some of their top 31! That being said, if I were to end up in either area, I’d have to seek out Zacatecas and Casa Enrique. I’m not going to examine the fantastic menu offerings at each establishment in this post because dinner is several hours away and that would be torture (for hungry me at least). If you are braver than me feel free to visit the source article. It really is a good one despite their inability to include a map.


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Bonus Map Link: Heavily Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Flight Path Art 






Map 237 of New York City Neighborhoods
Google Maps

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