Fun with Maps 233&234

Map 233 shows the location of recent earthquakes in Mexico (and some in Southern California). Mexico has been in the news a bunch lately for several strong earthquakes that have hit the country. I found a website called Earthquake Track that pinpoints where earthquakes have hit and lists their intensity and depth. Take a glance at the overall image and two close ups below.


Map 233A

Earthquake Track’s site is simple and effective. Pins on the map correspond to data on the right side that lists the magnitude, depth, location, and approximately how long ago it struck. You can see from the list below that the most recent quake was a 4.8 magnitude that hit near Santiago Ixtaltepec in Oaxaca just two hours ago (as of this writing).Map 233 Supplement

The site also features a summary of the number of earthquakes and the strength of the strongest quakes to hit the region recently.

Map 233 Supplement 2

I’m a fan of this mapping site and will be visiting again in the future.

* * * * *

This next map isn’t terribly interesting just yet but I’ll explain.

Map 234A

This map and the rest of Map 234 shows the start of foliage change in the United States. An interactive slider allows users to imagine the progression of fall into the nation’s trees. The image above is the first on the slider that shows any change. The only areas included with minimal change are in the Rocky Mountains, the Northern parts of Minnesota and Michigan, and the Northern parts of New England. What happens when I move the slider to the right, however? Take a look.

Map 234BMap 234CMap 234DMap 234EMap 234F

See how it got so much more interesting?! The foliage tracker as of October 7th provides much more to analyze. A majority of the country now has changing leaves, the exception being the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. The parts of the country that experienced minimal change first are, of course, the furthest down the change spectrum at this point, reaching “past peak”. I don’t know if that means the leaves are mostly fallen off by then or if they are less visually appealing because they’ve shriveled and changed to less desirable colors like brown.

This tool was created by a tourism website called but I found it on Mental Floss so I big thank you to both sites.

To conclude today, here is a picture of some beautiful foliage from our big West Coast trip in September, 2015 that included Yellowstone and the area pictured in Colorado.

Mountain 2

Until next time,


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Bonus Map Link: Second Amazon Headquarters Search






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