Fun with Maps 229&230

Map 229 is of the Denver Light Rail Network, known as the RTD. It popped up on Facebook recently because a guy I went to high school with now lives out there. He was sharing a link with directions to Red Rocks Amphitheater (he’s an avid concert-goer), a beautiful outdoor venue built into the natural rock surroundings of Morrison, Colorado.

Map 229.jpg

I really enjoy public transit maps for a variety of reasons. They are colorful, informational, and interesting. They can occasionally be a cool way of learning about cities and how they are laid out (this one isn’t especially helpful at that). Denver’s train system is further along than the one we have in the Twin Cities. We only have two light rail lines so far and the third one has stalled multiple times for funding reasons. Republicans in our State Legislature do not want to fund a new line because the train system loses money for the State (because it subsidizes ticket prices). I hope we can get this new line moving soon because I whole-heartedly disagree with them and the proposed line would connect the Southwest suburbs, where our parents live, to downtown.

Since the reason I found this map was because of Red Rocks Amphitheater, here’s a bonus map of the Red Rocks complex, which apparently includes a park. From first-person accounts of concerts there it sounds like a really awesome place to visit. I’ll have to add it to the list!

Map 229 Supplement

* * * * *

Map 230 features the Vatican City. A friend of friend was there recently and shared a ton of pictures. It is, apparently, a long adventure that this person is taking because they started by spending a few days in Boston, then flew to Italy for a week. Now she’s in Germany and I don’t know how people can afford such extravagant trips (I’m not jealous, you’re jealous!).

Map 230

I’ve never been to Italy or The Vatican but this is a great map. It appears to be the type of map that you might find on free brochures at information booths within the city. It’s colored beautifully and shows all the pathways visitors can take through what I assume to be wonderfully landscaped grounds. The museums shown likely contain a lot of fantastic art and historical pieces. The city is only 110 acres and exists as a city-state within the city limits of Rome. For more information on The Vatican City, click here and here.


That’s it for today. I’m tired. Until next time,


UPDATE: Now she’s in Denver and I know she came back to the Twin Cities for at least 24 hours in between. I don’t know how anyone affords that lifestyle.

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Bonus Map Link: Degrees of Racism in Europe





Denver Light Rail Map
Vatican City Map

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