Fun with Maps 217&218

Sometimes on Fun with Maps I feature maps I find important or topical. Other maps I share simply out of respect. Map 217 is of the latter variety. It shows the Roman Roads of Britain, what would have been a cool enough map as is, but represented in modern subway map style. Take a look at this beautiful and interesting map found on one of my favorite websites, Atlas Obscura. That’s right, the Roman Empire once extended all the way to the British Isles. If you didn’t know that, I highly recommend checking out the source article because I’m way too tired to explain all that to you when they already did such an excellent job of it.

Map 217.png

I adore subway maps! I have posters of the London and New York City systems and need only to display them in our home when I find the appropriate space. I love their simplicity and all the vibrant colors. I especially loved the simplicity of the London map we carried around in our bag on our honeymoon in 2014. I will definitely look to collect more of these amazing and useful transportation maps in the future!

* * * * *

Map 218 shows the percentage of homeownership in the United States. The states with the highest percentage are darker blue. The top three states for homeownership in the second quarter were South Carolina (75.9%), West Virginia (75.1%), and my home state of Minnesota (73.8%). The states with the lowest percentage, the states with the most renters, presumably, are New York (50.7%), Hawaii (53.7%), California (53.8%), and Rhode Island (54.4%). I will postulate a guess that these states have fewer people owning their homes due to the high cost of living in those areas. California, Hawaii, and parts of New England are well known to be expensive areas in which to live and work. The District of Columbia also has a low homeownership rate, the lowest in fact, at 39.2% (notice I said states before). D.C does have higher living expenses but it’s also predominately an urban environment, which means there are a lot more renters than owners statistically. I don’t have those statistics to share with you but they are available online (probably, I don’t know). Again, way too tired right now.

Map 218.png

I apologize for not writing in nearly three weeks. Summer is a busy time in the Knutson household and we recently hosted my friend Katie and her boyfriend Matt from New Hampshire. We ate a lot of delicious food, had a bonfire with s’mores, watched Office Christmas Party (it was a free rental which is why we watched it in July), and played with James and Maeby. It was a fantastic time and I’m glad they came into town for a visit. I hope to get a chance to visit them in New Hampshire on one of our upcoming road trips. This was our first opportunity to meet Matt since they had started dating. She recently moved from St. Louis to live with him. While I’m disappointed she changed her plans to move back to Minnesota I am very happy for them and the new opportunities available to her out East.


Until next time (hopefully sooner than last time),


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Bonus Map Link: States that lose most if Trump sabotages the Affordable Care Act

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Trump’s Horrible Approval Ratings by State






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