Fun with Maps 211&212

Map 211 is similar to others I’ve featured before and you can’t stop me. It shows the best and worst states to make a living for 2017. Now, you’re probably thinking that I, a proud Minnesotan, am just sharing this map because Minnesota looks good in it. That’s a true statement but my home state is so great it’s fairly easy to find maps that make it look good! Take a look and I’ll see you after the jump.

Map 211

I found this map on Yahoo Finance but it originally came from Business Insider with data from MoneyRates. The top state for making a great living is Washington The cost of living index is not too high, there is no state tax on the average income of $43,400, and the unemployment rate is less than 5%. Minnesota is just behind in second place There is state tax but the cost of living is lower as is the unemployment rate (3.8%). Illinois rounds out the top three with a lower cost of living still while last year’s top state, Wyoming, fell to sixth in 2017.

Map 211 Supplement

The naughty list features some very expensive states for living. Hawaii, where many everyday goods must be shipped in from the mainland, is the worst state for making a living. At forty-nine, California also has a high cost of living index of 144. New York, Vermont, and Oregon are also fairly expensive. Montana appears to make the naughty list due to lack of workplace safety (the number of incidents per 100 workers). There were 11.9 incidents per 100 workers according to the study. Can you imagine roughly one in ten of you and your coworkers getting hurt every year? That’s insane but then I looked at the same category for the top ten states and noticed Wyoming at number six. Wyoming had 15.5 incidents per 100 workers! The other factors must overcome that number with low cost of living and zero state tax on average income.

Map 211 Supplement 2

Is your state on the list? Can you corroborate if your state is as good or as bad as this information claims? Let me know in the comments below.

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Climate change is a real thing. Climate change is important. There are a fair number of (wrong) people in this country, including several currently working in the White House, that do not believe climate change exists. They ignore that 97% of scientists and those that believe in science agree that it does. Map 212 was brought to my attention by my brother-in-law Dave. It was created by New Scientist and featured online by Parag Khanna, author of Connectography (also the source of Map 106). This map shows what the Earth would look like if the average temperature would rise four degrees Celsius. As you can see in the map, much of the United States, South America, Africa, Australia, Southern Europe, and Asia would be limited to solar energy creation as growth of crops would be incredibly difficult. Canada, Northern Europe, much of Russia, and even part of Antarctica would become the best areas for growing food. The population in these areas currently is very low because the climate is less desirable for a majority of the year. That could change, however, if deniers get their way and continue to roll back regulations meant to protect the environment and reverse climate change. If the planets’ temperature continues to rise the populations of these countries could skyrocket as they become warmer yet cool enough to survive. Their neighbors in less desirable areas (like most areas) would have no choice but to move to where they won’t die.

Map 212

I’m sure Canada is fine but I don’t really want to move there. If you agree that climate change and global warming are real and important, please let your elected officials know and if they disagree, support their opponent in the next election.

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Bonus Map Link: Another Climate Change Map because it’s real and important!

Bonus Bonus Map Link: Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings






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