Fun with Maps 205&206

Map 205 shows the largest immigrant populations in each state (excluding Mexico). India is the top immigrant population in nineteen states, the most of any country. Seven states have the Philippines as their top immigrant-supplier, the second highest. Burma is third with five states.

Map 205

I find it interesting there are so many different countries represented on this map; twelve countries from all over the planet. Six are in Asia, two are in Africa, two are in the Caribbean, one is in the Middle East, and the last one is Canada (good ole’ Canada). The exclusion of Mexico is what makes this diverse representation possible, of course. Mexico might be the top immigrant-supplier in most of the fifty states for all I know which is presumably why the author excluded it.

What country has the most second most immigrants in your state? Let me know in the comments below!

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Map 206 comes from Slate. It shows “the ‘most distinctly’ popular Best Picture winner in each state. It was calculated by looking at the Oscar favorite that is the most popular in each state as compared with its level of popularity across the entire country” [Slate]. The data used was not provided and the use of the term ‘distinctly popular’ doesn’t instill much confidence but this map involves movies so I couldn’t resist.

Map 206


My favorite Best Picture Oscar Winner is The Departed, which is different than that of my peers in Minnesota per the not-provided data. The fan-favorite of most Minnesotans (and four other states) is Crash. Seven states agree with me but they are mostly in New England. There are a number of groupings on this map, actually. Chicago is the favorite in five states that are all in a line. The Hurt Locker is the most popular in eight states that are all West of the Mississippi except for one (Vermont). 12 Years a Slave is number one in eight states, all of which are in the Southeast. Argo represents three states in the South, which is surprising because the movie has nothing to do with the region. Finally, the people of Washington have chosen The King’s Speech, which was pure Oscar-bait and they should be ashamed. It was enjoyable but undeserving of being “distinctly popular”.


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