Fun with Maps 193&194

Map 193 features the most likely way to die by animal attack in the United States. There are far too many animals that can kill us!

Map 193.png

The deadliest animals in the United States are deer (lumped in with other large mammals in the map), followed distantly by bees and dogs. Deer usually do the most damage by running in front of moving vehicles, something that can lead to fatalities by both parties. Bees, wasps, and hornets typically only kill people with severe allergies but it’s entirely possible someone was stung by a bee once and the surprise of the sting sent them stumbling backwards off a cliff (an awful way to go). A swarm attacked my mom, sister, and me in our backyard once and I got stung in the tongue as I screamed in horror running away. Dogs are the third most deadly animal in the country but cows, surprisingly, are fourth; responsible for approximately twenty human deaths every year!


Map 193 Supplement.png

And only one murder by bear…



Map 194 shows the locations of 138 JC Penney’s stores that are set to close this year, according to a company press release. Approximately 5000 jobs will be lost once stores start to close in April but the company states the closings are a “continuing effort to advance sustainable growth and long-term profitability” of the brand. The massive store closings of JC Penney’s is part of major trend in the retail industry in the past decade. Many other companies have declared bankruptcy, sold to or merged with competitors, closed most or all of their stores, converted to online-only brands, or disappeared completely. Some of the many examples include Radio Shack, Kmart, Sears, Borders, Circuit City, Sports Authority, Office Max (merged with Office Depot), Sam Goody, Blockbuster, and Target Canada (and Target USA is still facing problems from their hacking issue several years ago).

Map 194

Retail is definitely struggling and a big cause is online shopping. is absolutely great but it is a stone-cold killer. Countless brick-and-mortar stores, not just the ones I listed above, have been murdered in cold blood by Amazon and similar companies/websites. The populace has spoken and they prefer to shop online and I completely get it. I, personally, like to shop online and in-person but I understand how much easier it is to shop online. You can order things late at night when stores would be closed, it is much easier to compare prices and get the best deal, and most importantly, there is no awkward interaction with employees or other customers. The toughest part of online shopping for me (and most people I assume) is purchasing clothing. It’s really difficult to tell if something will look good on me without trying it on. And for those JC Penney’s customers, that drawback will be that much more difficult now that 138 stores will be closing.

Map 194B

There are nine locations closing in Texas. The state with the second most closings is Minnesota with eight. Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have seven.

Map 194CMap 194EMap 194F

I worked at the JC Penney’s in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for six months back in 2008 (a store that is not on the list of stores closing). I sold shoes and was really good at it. I exceeded my sales goals consistently despite my coworker scamming everyone in the department by ringing up our sales in his name. Being in college at the time I knew Penney’s wasn’t a long-term career choice for me but I’m still sad to hear 5000 people are losing their jobs. I worked with many people at that store and there were only three that I didn’t like at all. Generally, Penney’s sells good stuff and the prices are reasonable. It’s disappointing that so many of their stores will be closing. I know I’m not as happy to hear of their corporate failings as I was when my other former employer, Radio Shack, went mostly out of business a couple years ago. That trash heap was run by morons that refused to listen when their hard working store managers (like myself) had good ideas.

The full list of stores in on the press release if you’d like to see if your local JC Penney’s is closing.


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Bonus Map Link: Winners and Losers Under Trumpcare in Maps











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