Fun with Maps 187&188

Map 187 represents one of President Donald Trump’s (shudder) recent Executive Orders. Señor Trump signed the order Friday declaring an indefinite ban of the admission of Syrian refugees as well as a 90 day ban on anyone trying to immigrate here to the United States from seven nations in the Middle East and Africa. These seven countries, pictured in red, have large Muslim populations but that’s not all that have in common. They’re also devoid of Trump business connections. If you’re familiar with our current reality of conflicts of interest, you’ve probably already guessed what the countries in yellow have in common.


“The President has positions in two companies that may be related to business in Egypt, and has previously praised the country’s autocratic leader, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. In Turkey, Trump has a licensing deal to use his name on two luxury towers in Istanbul” (Yahoo Finance). You can read more about the Executive Order and Conflicts of Interest here. I don’t have the energy anymore. It’s only been a week since the new Administration took over and it has been nonstop bullshit ever since. The only good things that have happened on the National scale have been the Women’s Protest March and the Greenpeace people that put a yellow “Resist” banner on a crane near the White House. Hilarious.



Map 188 is a poster showing the entirely of human space exploration (from our planet anyway). This 39″ x 27″ poster from Pop Chart Lab, available for $38 plus shipping, features every space exploration mission from “the Luna 2 in 1959 to the DSCOVR in 2015” in a “color-coded chart [that] traces the trajectories of every orbiter, lander, rover, flyby, and impactor to ever slip the surly bonds of Earth’s orbit and successfully complete its mission—a truly astronomical array of over 100 exploratory instruments in all. Featuring hand-illustrated renderings of each spacecraft juxtaposed against the serried giants of our solar system, this galactic survey is a testament to man’s forays into the grand cosmic ballet” (Pop Chart Lab). I’m not getting paid for this advertisement but I probably should be (feel free to hit me up with a check, PCL).

Map 188.png

This map-like chart is pretty great and perfect for any fan of NASA and space exploration in general. It’s incredibly interesting to see the animated images of each space vehicle we’ve sent up on various missions of exploration, science, and knowledge-gathering. And, on the map part, you can trace each vehicle’s path in and around the planets in our solar system (and Pluto (sorry Pluto)). You can zoom in to see it better on their website. You might as well buy the actual poster when you’re there but don’t feel like I’m pressuring you do so based on any kickback I’m getting, which I’m not (yet).


Bryan Signature 2





Bonus Map Link: More of Trump’s Conflicts of Interest Visualized in a Map

Bonus Bonus Map Link: State Nickname Map from 1884





Resist Image

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