Fun with Maps 171&172


The holidays are upon us I have a themed map for you. Map 171 shows how much money it would cost for Clark Griswold, main character in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, to run the 25,000 Christmas lights the character hung up on his house. If you haven’t seen the movie (or it’s been a while), Clark overdoes his holiday display to impress his visiting family and manages to make his entire house glow, consuming a ton of electricity in the process. The good people at Estately calculated how much money it would cost to power Clark’s display based on average energy costs in each state (today, not Clark’s 1989 costs).

Map 171.jpg

Evidently, incandescent bulbs can be very expensive! Hawaii has the highest costs at $7,552. That’s a lot of cash for a month’s worth of blinding the neighbors. Alaska, several New England states, and California are also on the high side. The cheapest electric bills are in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, and Idaho. Most of the states sit firmly in the $3000 range. My home state of Minnesota has a total of $3,765. I don’t aspire to duplicate the Griswold display, by any means, but if I did, I would be using LED bulbs. LEDs are reasonably priced and are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Estately took this fact into account as well, and provided us with a second, LED version of the map. The massive costs associated with the 25,000 incandescent bulb display is reduced to less than $86 in Hawaii for 25,000 LED bulbs. That’s a savings of $7466 or 99.98%. With savings like that, you almost have to decorate your entire house!

Map 171B.jpg


My face when I see a really good map.

Map 172 is of the United States. Boom. Done. No, wait. It shows how each state in the union plays a classic children’s game known as ‘Duck Duck Grey Duck’. If you’re in Minnesota, you know exactly the game I am referring to. If not, you probably think I’m crazy. Take a look.


This is far from an evidence-based map backed by statistics but it is widely known that only Minnesotans play ‘Duck Duck Grey Duck’. Everyone else plays something called ‘Duck Duck Goose’ (I mean, what the hell is that?). The map was shared on Facebook but was originally created by a blogger known as Christopher Pollard. The Facebook post, however, included an extra tidbit of important background information, included below.


Now, to be fair, I did find conflicting information online through researching this topic (but what does the internet know anyway?). There are people claiming that Anka Anka Gås” or ‘Duck Duck Goose’ is more common than “Anka Anka Grå Anka”. I can’t say which version is more culturally accurate. The (incorrect) Goose version is likely much more common but until it’s a mandatory question on the U.S Census, we’ll never know for sure. As a Minnesotan, I know the true version involves a variety of colorful ducks. I have many childhood memories of playing Duck Duck Grey Duck in daycare and school. My teachers may have just enjoyed that we could entertain ourselves for five minutes while they stepped out for a moment of peace but those were fun times for us kids. I enjoyed being the one selecting the Grey Duck so I could come up with as many colors as I could before nominating the unlucky Grey one. I’d even put extra emphasis on the Green duck because they started with the same sound. Good time.


Until the next good time,


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Bonus Map Link: Search for your last name and see how many people around the planet have the same one on Forebears. You have to use the search bar at the top. It’s confusing at first but it’s fun. Check it out.




Sources/Links:×393/2012-12-06_crazy-christmas-decorations-extreme-christmas-decorations-griswolds .jpg .jpg
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