Fun with Maps 169&170

Fun with Maps is supposed to be fun. If, however, I have to choose a not-so-fun map to share because of it’s importance to our society, I will, of course, do so. Map 169 is, unfortunately, one of those not-so-fun maps. It shows the number of hate incidents reported between November 8th (Election Day) and November 29th (six days ago). These numbers are truly troubling and I am not even certain how many hate incidents were reported in the days since.


In only three weeks – 21 days – 867 hate incidents were reported in this country. This does not even reflect such incidents that were not reported. Much like victims of sexual assault and other crimes, not everyone reports when they have been attacked for fear of receiving further negative attention or embarrassment. These numbers are despicable. I do not have comparable numbers for hate crimes during a different three week span but this map was shared by the Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Alabama for a reason (and it wasn’t because it was a particularly peaceful month).

Hate crimes are on the rise because President-Elect Trump (shudder) has granted a certain demographic of bigots in this country the political capital and freedom to openly show the hate that has always been in their hearts. I won’t say that all Trump voters are bigots like some people have said lately (“and many people are saying this, believe me”), but it is obvious that the bigots fully support Trump and his cavalcade of deplorable yes-men like Stephen Bannon, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Betsy DeVos. The first KKK-tolerant President (shudder) has given hope to hundreds of thousands of hate-filled racists and xenophobes that openly attack, both physically and verbally, in real life and online, people of color, non-Christians, homosexuals, transsexuals, women, liberals, and any allies of those groups that stand in their way. This has resulted in a minimum of 867 hate incidents in a three week span, 34 of which occurred in my home state of Minnesota. This statistic makes me sick. That 34 of my neighbors (at a minimum) have been attacked is horrible. That 34 of my neighbors (at a minimum) perpetrated such attacks is absolutely disgusting.

There is something you can do if you see an attack happening while out in public assuming you feel like putting yourself in potential danger. Someone being verbally abused could use an ally and simply sitting down next to and chatting with that victim can cause their attacker to cease and leave. This tactic does put the ally directly in the path of the attacker as well so only use it if you are willing to take the risk. You could also film the abuse to help the victim file a police report. Calling the authorities is also perfectly acceptable if you see someone perpetrating a hate crime. I learned all of this from an infographic and a video on Facebook but I can no longer find the links at this time. Do not put yourself in the path of a dangerous individual if you are not willing to face the same harm that is aimed at the existing victim.

* * * * *

Map 170 is an election map from last month. It shows which neighborhoods in New York City votes for the Presidential Candidate of each party. Blue, quite obviously, are areas won by Hillary Clinton. Lots of calming blue.


I found this map on Untapped Cities but it was originally published by DNAinfo. It is interactive if you’re interested (which you are, of course, because you’re reading a map blog). Apparently, 81.6% of voters in New York City voted for Hillary Clinton. Trump (shudder) won 56.86% of Staten Island votes but it goes down drastically from there. He only received 21.99% of the Queens vote, 17.8% of Brooklyn, 9.87% of the Manhattan vote, and 9.56% of the Bronx. Unmapped Cities pointed out more specific numbers by neighborhood. “Some of the lowest neighborhoods for Donald Trump (highest votes for Hillary Clinton) included Rugby-Remsen Village in Brooklyn (1.98%). Stuyvesant Heights in Bed-Stuy (1.9%), East New York (2.03%), Clinton Hill (2.15%), Brownsville (2.16%), Prospect Heights (2.16%), Central Harlem-North Polo Grounds (2.24%), and East Flatbush-Farragut Hill (2.33%)” [Unmapped Cities].

Republicans historically have done quite poorly in urban areas like New York City so figures like these aren’t exactly a surprise. This map is, however, a slightly therapeutic way to help calm myself down from the disappointing content of the previous map. This is what most of the country was supposed to look like on Election Maps on November 8th. My like-minded Facebook friends led me and everyone else sharing my opinions to believe we were in the strong majority. And while we did win the popular vote, the other side surprised us and won the Electoral College. It’s upsetting but I’ve come out the other side humbler and wiser. And a bit scared. Not for myself, really. I’m a straight white guy. I’ll be fine. We’re always fine. It’s everyone else that I’m worried about. This administration will not be kind to women’s rights, non-Christians, homosexuals, transsexuals, the media, or the planet. Whoops! Brought the tone back down, didn’t I? Here’s a couple pictures of my almost 4-month old son, James!

Hope that helped improve your mood. It usually helps mine. Love this kid.

Until next time,


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