Fun with Maps 159&160

Map 159 shows the viewing areas for different NFL football games at noon today, Sunday, 10/23/16 (it obviously doesn’t show the 3pm games or games on Fox). Each color represents a different football game and shows which media markets got each one. The red is the Jaguars-Raiders game; the one with the widest audience this afternoon. Both teams have good, young quarterbacks and are a relatively even matchup (although the Raiders are playing better so far this season). The bluish purple is the Ravens-Jets game which was seen by much of the East Coast. The markets of each team got the game as did everyone in between except for the Philadelphia market, which got no game on CBS due to having one on Fox against my Vikings at the time (but I don’t really want to talk about that). The other market in gray with no game on CBS at noon was Kansas City. I’m not sure why the Shreveport DMA (Designated Market Area) also gets the Ravens-Jets matchup but it doesn’t make any sense.


The green areas received the Bills-Dolphins game. It is interesting to me just how close to Jacksonville the Miami coverage actually gets. Fans of the Jaguars could very easily live quite close to the city and still get the Dolphins game instead. The orange is the Colts-Titans game. It’s quite interesting just how many far-flung markets saw that game, including Fargo, Sioux City, and Houston. Finally, the yellow area in Ohio and parts of surrounding states saw the Bengals-Browns matchup. It was a smaller area seeing that game because it was expected to be a blowout. I find media market selection and planning very interesting.

* * * * *

Liam Neeson is a well-known actor that has been in many action movies. Because of this, he has portrayed some dangerous and deadly characters, both on the right and wrong sides of the law. His characters have taken a lot of fictional lives and some genius decided to map them. Check out Map 160 below.







The key at the bottom right is a bit difficult to read so I’ve enlarged it for you to the left. Liam sure has taken out his opposition in a wide variety of ways. He’s used guns (both regular and machine), knives, daggers, swords, broken bottles, axes, a coat rack, a doorknob, a lightsaber, electrocution, a car door, extreme heights, explosions, and, of course, his bare hands. Action movies really are exciting! This map even shows Liam’s kills when his characters were enhanced with ‘Zeus Powers’ or the mauling abilities of a lion. This map does happen to be two years old so it is a bit out of date. Mr. Neeson is a busy man and has 14 acting credits in that span (although they are not all action movies). Now that I’ve seen Liam’s kill map I wonder if anyone has made maps for Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, or Denzel Washington. Someone should really get on that!




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Bryan Signature 2




Bonus Map Link: Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Leaked






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