Fun with Maps 155&156

Donald Trump is disgusting. Billy Bush is, at a minimum, a push-over enabler (but probably worse). Talking about women like objects is deplorable. Many men talk about women in this way but that doesn’t make it right. Regardless of how many men have said or done something like Donald Trump did in 2005, it is downright disrespectful, unnecessary, and can no longer be tolerated in this society. Map 155 addresses derogatory language against women on Twitter, a social media outlet Donald knows well (especially at 3am).


States in red, yellow, and orange have higher percentages of hate messages against women. Louisiana appears to be the worst offender “where 1 in every 87 tweets contained a slur of some sort”. Perhaps Donald can move there after he is destroyed in the upcoming election and feel more comfortable. The women of Louisiana probably don’t feel all that comfortable.

This map was on Big Think, a website I love and idolize. It wasn’t alone in the article, however. There were a series of these maps with different groups victimized by derogatory language. Take a closer look at all of them in this slideshow.

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Abodo, a “U.S.-based residential search engine, analyzed 12 million tweets produced between June 2014 and December 2015”. They are ultimately responsible for all the data collection and analysis behind these maps. A bunch of misogynists, racists, and bigots are ultimately responsible for taking the internet and making it unsafe for everyone.

Just in case you’re curious, the states with the most and least derogatory tweets per 100,000 were:

1. Louisiana (1,155)
2. Nevada (929)
3. Texas (925)
4. Maryland (895)
5. Delaware (812)
6. Ohio (758)
7. California (717)
8. Michigan (711)
9. Georgia (669)
10. Rhode Island (622)

50. Wyoming (120)
49. Montana (121)
48. Vermont (176)
47. South Dakota (192)
46. Idaho (232)
45. Arkansas (244)
44. Minnesota (284)
43. Maine (288)
42. North Dakota (290)
41. Wisconsin (298)

Good for you, Arkansas, bucking the Southern trend of spreading hate speech online! I hope all states will come together and vote Hillary Clinton into Office on November 8th (or earlier if you can vote early/absentee in your state). Mr. Trump should not be eligible to run a major company (even a failing one with multiple bankruptcies) much less this country. His latest scandal of degrading women as sexual objects is just the latest and perhaps most damning. He has done dozens of awful things just in the last year alone. #ImWithHer #NeverTrump #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

* * * * *


Map 156 is from a new television show on ABC called Designated Survivor. I love seeing maps on television and in movies. Fictional maps can be just as interesting as real ones! I am also loving this new show starring Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman, a Housing and Urban Development Secretary thrust into the Presidency when the sitting President, Vice President, most of Congress, and the rest of the Cabinet are killed in a terrorist attack. It’s not much of a spoiler to say, we don’t yet know who is actually responsible for the attack three episodes in to this rookie series. The map below was shown very briefly in the first episode. Newly sworn-in President Kirkman survives the deadly attack on the US Capitol and is then handed the nuclear football, the briefcase containing all the nuclear authorization codes. Inside is a touchscreen showing the supposed location of America’s nuclear arsenal. It’s not incredibly detailed or close-up but it’s pretty neat.


I assume that many of these locations are relatively accurate because some of our country’s missile silos are known to the public. It would make sense to incorporate real information into this television show if possible. The fact that a designated survivor sits out the State of the Union in real life is accurate so why wouldn’t the show use real missile locations. That being said, I have no idea if some were left out or added for fun. Mother Jones took a stab at charting the real-life locations here. It’s also probable the government has missile silos in places that no one knows or would ever suspect. There could be one just outside your town and you’d never know it unless you were one of the three people in town working for the military to maintain the site.


I highly recommend you watch Designated Survivor on ABC. It’s not too late to catch up if you’ve missed the first couple episodes. This show is worth your time and I hope it continues for many seasons to come. It has the right script-writing and tone to be the next West Wing assuming the characters can overcome the original obstacle in season one. He might not be playing my all-time favorite character, Jack Bauer, anymore, but Sutherland has been fantastic. He will definitely earn some acting nominations in next year’s Emmy’s and People Choice Awards (and boo if he doesn’t).

TV Note 1: You can check out a behind-the-scenes look at Designated Survivor‘s set design here.

TV Note 2: My favorite show, 24, is coming back as 24: Legacy after the Super Bowl on February 5th, 2017. It won’t have Jack Bauer but there are a couple returning characters and the writing and acting should be as good as the original (ideally).


Bryan Signature 2




Bonus Map Link: Maybe Louisiana will flood and all the bigots will learn a valuable lesson









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