Fun with Maps 149&150

Map 149 comes to us from Distractify (and ultimately from InterNations). InterNations does an annual survey of ex-patriots called Expat Insider. “The survey considered many factors, including quality of life, ease in finding a job, political stability, and overall friendliness of the people” in order to determine the most and least friendly countries (it isn’t clear whether they meant friendly overall or friendly to expats specifically). Some of the bottom ten countries won’t surprise anyone, I’m sure. The least surprising would be Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt because of those nation’s strict cultures and the likelihood that expats would stand out (standing out is sometimes enough to be a negative presence even if the individuals aren’t actively going against the host culture). I could see some of the other African nations as being hostile to outsiders as well but I’ve never been there. For all I know the people surveyed had negative experiences but most of the people in these “bottom ten” countries are quite hospitable to expats. These survey results suggest otherwise.


There are a couple surprises in the bottom ten as well. The fourth least-friendly country in the survey is Brazil. Brazil seems very inviting – they certainly did a good job convincing me and much of the world during the recent Rio Olympic Games in August – but perhaps that’s a false image. Maybe they’re fine hosting a bunch of guests but not thrilled when the people move in. Italy and Greece are the other two confusing ones. They, too, are well known for being tourist hotspots. I would personally love to vacation in either location but evidently they aren’t friendly places to make a long-term move. The friendly countries in the top ten aren’t too bad in terms of desirability. Every single one of them would be a good travel destination as well as places to live. Hell, if they’re friendly and desirable, why wouldn’t you choose those countries for a future international move? I have never lived abroad but if I ever get the opportunity (perhaps in retirement or something), I would definitely consider this list! Australia or New Zealand would be cool if we don’t end up in the United Kingdom or Germany.

* * * * *

Map 150 shows skyway access from various locations to U.S Bank Stadium, new home of the Minnesota Vikings. I have covered the Minneapolis and St. Paul skyway systems previously but this particular map updates the Minneapolis map with the new stadium. I had the privilege of seeing the new stadium up close during a free preview weekend in August that Beth actually signed me up for. That place is amazing! I haven’t made it to a game there yet but I hope to very soon (although tickets are very expensive because everyone is excited for the new building). The skyway system isn’t always open and this map was released by the team on Facebook in order to spread the word that this portion at a minimum will be open for the next two home Vikings games. Most people will probably park in a surface lot and walk or take the light rail into downtown (as opposed to parking in a ramp further away and taking the skyway) but it’s nice to know the option is available. Tons of people will switch to using the skyway once the weather turns colder in another month or so.

Map 150.jpg

If you haven’t yet seen pictures of the new stadium, feast your eyes on the tour we took in August:



I love football season. Skol Vikings!


Bryan Signature 2





Bonus Map Link: Economic Center of the Planet

Bonus Travel Link: Traveling to Every Country






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