Fun with Maps 137&138

It’s the weekend and I’m feeling mappy once again. To celebrate, I’ve decided to share two more maps with you!

Map 137 shows the major linguistic groups of Native Peoples in North America. This is a very interesting map, and in addition to be visually appealing (if a little blurry), it also makes it abundantly clear that I do not know nearly enough about Native peoples! Look how many different tribes are represented! Before this I probably could have named thirteen or fourteen tribes and that’s only because so many places in the Midwest are named for them or have names that come from native languages. Minnesota, Wisconsin, (North and South) Dakota, and Oklahoma are good examples.


Based on the colors above, I imagine the different languages were fairly different despite relative proximity. Aztec, Shoshone, and Ute (where the name ‘Utah’ comes from) are similar enough, apparently, but different enough from Apache that they are in different linguistic groups. The primary languages in Minnesota were Sioux and Ojibwa, part of two different groups. Many areas have several languages within one or more groups. There are almost twenty languages in green along the East Coast and another dozen in the Appalachians in green, gold, and pink. Two groups, Athabaskan and Algonquin, dominate Alaska and Northern Canada, areas that are still heavily populated by descendants of Native Tribes.

* * * * *

Map 138 was posted by a friend on Facebook. Carrie and her new husband, Carter, are going on a road trip at the end of the month. I’m not getting a vacation this year (as I’ve been whining about on this blog pretty often) and am super jealous! Take a look.


They will embark on an eight day, thirteen State, two Country trip. That’s my kind of vacation! Carrie says its an adventure trip more than anything (they’re not travelling for work or to visit family). They will head South out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin (yes, they’re Packer fans), through Chicago and into Indiana. If you have followed my blog at all you will know my opinion of Indiana (if you haven’t, it’s not positive). At least they are being smart and avoiding the heavily patrolled toll road of I-90 (I WAS ONLY GOING 3 OVER, NOT 8. LIAR!). They plan to visit the Indiana Medical History Museum in Indianapolis (a creepy-sounding experience) and then head to Oak Ridge, Tennessee where the Manhattan Project was created/researched. They have a Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on their itinerary as well and then cross through the Appalachian Mountains into North Carolina. There they will drive along part of the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. I guess there’s a corn maze in South Carolina they plan to visit in order to check that state off their lists (a move I’m not ashamed to employ myself) before they turn North and see the Roanoke Star in Virginia.

They will officially make my wife (and many of you) jealous with their next destination, the Hershey factory tour in Hershey, Pennsylvania! I’m jealous and I’m just a casual chocolate fan. I am, however, very jealous of them visiting the National Civil War Museum in nearby Harrisburg, PA. I have not visited nearly enough Civil War sites and museums and Pennsylvania is one of the best hotspots to do so. Next is New York and the Niagara Falls area. They plan to get a taste of the Canadian life with Tim Horton’s (I recommend the maple donut, because obviously) and as much poutine and Canadian beer as they can get their hands on. The last big stop of their trip is the campus of Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. I did not know this about Carrie, but evidently she’s a big Ohio State fan and really wants to take a picture with Bucky. I went to the University of Minnesota but I’m not into College Athletics all that much so all the power to her!

It certainly looks like their trip meets all the requirements to be friggin’ fantastic! Have I mentioned enough times that I am super jealous? I definitely am. I need a vacation bad. Thanks for sharing your itinerary and map with me Carrie! I hope you and Carter have a wonderful time! Take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously!


Beth and I have been plenty busy with my main man James. He certainly has his mama (and to a lesser degree, myself) exhausted. My sister is going to watch him tomorrow night so we can get dinner and catch a movie (The BFG). It will be a miracle if she doesn’t fall asleep before the giant shows up, although she is really looking forward to seeing it. I guess it is one of her favorite books from her childhood. She can read it to James when he’s old enough to understand a little better.

Until next time,


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Carrie Poppe – Thanks again for letting me share your travel plans!


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