Fun with Maps 133&134

Map 133 is about soccer but, surprisingly, not Olympic Soccer Football. This map was posted by the North American Soccer League on Facebook to demonstrate the league’s diversity. There are only 13 teams in the second-tier soccer league (behind top-tier Major League Soccer) but they contain players from 32 nations. You can see all the different countries below with a list of the players and their NASL teams.

Map 133

I’ve attended half a dozen NASL games, specifically those of the local Minnesota United team. The United have already been marked for promotion to the MLS in the coming years and the franchise has been preparing to build a brand new stadium in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood. It’s not the top level of soccer on this continent but the NASL does present a high quality product and great fan experience.

Map 134 shows the relative strength of a dollar in the United States. This particular representation relates the value of a $100 bill in each state to the national average. States in yellow are more expensive and thus, $100 isn’t as strong there. $100 stretches a lot further in pink states. There are a lot more dark pink states than dark yellow. The darkest yellows are Hawaii, California, New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia. The dark pinks are too numerous to list but Mississippi is the cheapest at $115.34 with Arkansas behind at $114.29.

Map 134.png

Not that there are a bunch of reasons for Californians and New Yorkers to visit Mississippi, but if they did, their money would be much more effective during their trip. Buying power is relatively limited in some states but it can be compensated in many ways including through higher wages.

* * * * *

I’m still highly intrigued by the Olympics. The very first Gold Medal of this Olympiad went to an American Shooter today, 19 year old Ginny Thrasher (bad ass name, by the way). She won in 10m Air Rifle. Congrats Ginny and go Team USA!!



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Bonus Map Link: Another Every National Park Tour Map 






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