Fun with Maps 129&130

It’s been a very busy week. Beth and I have been doing baby prep in the nursery and I got a promotion at work. I’ve been doing the job for several months but now my title will match the work. As for baby James, he’s got a pretty cool room to grow up in and we have a lot of people to thank for baby gifts and support. Our parents, siblings, and close friends have been tremendous. Thanks everyone!

Map 129 shows us Global Threats. Whoa! What the hell? I started out so positive talking about my job and our baby on the way. What happened? Unfortunately, terrorism, climate change, and economic instability happened. Yikes. Take a gander.

Map 129.png

This map was created using results of a survey of 742 influential stakeholders in government, business, and academia throughout the world. These important people came up with what they determined to be the largest threats to global safety. The main threats in the survey, as you can see, are Climate Change, ISIS, Economic Instability, Russia, Iran, and China. The most countries caring about one particular issue is Climate Change in blue. Several countries in South America, Africa, and Asia have that as their top threat. ISIS, in purple, is the biggest threat to the second most countries in the survey. The United States, Canada, Europe, much of the Middle East, and the other half of Asia are highly concerned with ISIS. The remaining respondents keyed in on Economic Instability and three specific countries as threats. It’s interesting to me that Russia, China, and Iran were specifically mentioned as global threats. They are definitely threats to certain cultures and countries near them but not really global threats just yet.

Apparently, the survey also asked about global risks, which are somehow different that all-out threats. The table below shows the top global risk for each of the last ten years of surveys.

Map 129 Supplement

* * * * *

Map 130 is from an article on grilling that I discovered on Amazon. I am in the market for replacement grill grates for a grill my dad got us. He got it used and I haven’t used it yet because the existing grates were rusty (hence my trip to My new (used) grill is propane but many people prefer charcoal. Either way, grilling and barbecues are important activities that no Summer is complete without! That brings us to the map.

Map 130This map was created using data from Meathead Goldwyn, a grilling expert and author of the best-selling Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling. In other words, the man knows a little bit about grilling. It appears from his data and the mapPropane that more than half of the country uses gas primarily. 28 states use gas while 17 use charcoal. Five states in the East use both relatively equally. I don’t know a lot about grilling but Texas being in the charcoal camp was a surprise. Why, you ask? Because Hank Hill of Arlen, Texas is a propane fanatic. If you’re not familiar with King of the Hill‘s Hank Hill, he’s a cartoon character from the hit show that ran on Fox from 1997 through 2010. It’s not for everyone (like any show) but I love it. Hank is a salesman for a Propane and Grill company, Strickland Propane. There was an episode where Hank’s wife and son, Peggy and Bobby, get addicted to grilling with charcoal. Hank reacts predictably. Check it out if you haven’t previously and consider re-watching if you are familiar (it’s definitely on my re-watch list). I personally have no preference between propane and charcoal. Minnesota is a propane state but I’ve used both and know plenty of people that rely on charcoal as their main form of grilling fuel. Here is a breakdown from Meathead on how to choose charcoal or gas.

Map 130 Supplement

That’s it for now. I have an empty propane tank in my garage that I need to get filled/swapped because I am jonesing for some burgers! I wonder why.



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