Fun with Maps 123&124

We had our second of two baby showers today. My mom, mother-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law threw this one for us. It was mostly for female friends and family so my dad and I went to an autograph event at the mall in Eden Prairie. The signer was none other than Vikings Running Back great, Robert Smith. I had him sign a Vikings 50 Greatest Players book (given to me by Beth) and a team flag I bought several years ago (but only recently started having autographed). It only took an hour so I did pop by the baby shower and was able to catch the end of it, load the presents into the car, and help clean up. I haven’t looked through all the gifts yet but thank you to everyone that attended either shower and gifted us items for our son. Beth and I are really excited for our late August due date (her more so as her entire body hurts and she’s good and ready to be done). We’ve been attending labor preparation classes at the hospital and the nursery is coming along (albeit slowly).

Map 123 is about one of my favorite things, the National Parks! This map shows one possible driving route between all the National Parks in the lower 48 states. There just happen to be 48 National Parks in those 48 states and someone at Craghoppers attempted to connect them all on the shortest possible road trip. Now, the article did note that they discovered an error after posting, they forgot to include Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. So with this mistake, and excluding the one park, the highly-adventurous road trip route is 15,420 miles long. It would take 269 hours to drive that distance without stops and the author contends three months would be the minimum amount of time to comfortably complete this venture. That’s not too far off, in my opinion, as I know I would want to spend a decent amount of time at each location. Beth and I were in Yellowstone for two and a half days on our last road trip and we easily could have spent another two days without getting bored (many more if we didn’t have to contend with caring for our dog in a place where she’s not really allowed out of the car). We only got a few hours each in Grand Canyon and Arches National Parks and it was far from enough. No three month road trip to see all the parks would be complete without providing each park ample exploration time.

Map 123

Do you think you could complete such a long trip? I know it would be difficult to do but I would be willing to give it a try once we can afford such an expensive expedition!

Map 124 is from a report from the United Nations; the 2015 Water Development Report. “It shows the total amount of renewable water sources per capita available in each country in the world. In 2013, a number of countries, including regional heavyweights such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan, were facing absolute water scarcity” and it is likely to get much worse [Yahoo Finance].

Map 124

The original UN report, and the Yahoo Finance article where I came across it, contend that the lack of renewable water sources in many areas will cause considerable inter-state and intra-state conflicts. Africa and the Middle East are the most likely to have these problems as they are already having them. A lack of water and poor water management infrastructure has already caused issues in Egypt, Syria, and Darfur. “The UN predicts that water scarcity will only intensify” and by 2030 “the world will face a 40% global water deficit under the business-as-usual scenario”. This strain on water, unless proactively addressed, could throw several nations and cultures into war. That’s right, wars over water. It’s Tank Girl come to reality. Ideally the world’s best and brightest can work to counteract the lack of water in many places before an evil corporation resorts to sucking the water right out of people and filtering it for sale.

Wow, that’s kind of a weird ending to this edition of Fun with Maps. Well, thanks for reading!


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Bonus Map Link: Red Neck States of America

Bonus Non-Map Link: Best Mini Golf Courses in America







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