Fun with Maps 113&114

Before the maps today, I’d like to draw special attention to this bonus map link. I occasionally provide an extra link to a cool map or map-related article at the bottom of my Fun with Maps posts but I found this one to be extraordinary and worth a look.

Bonus Map Link: The Geography of Disease

Now for the main event. Map 113 concerns business. Specifically, it concerns Amazon’s business. Analysts at Deutsche Bank recently examined the potential that lies in Amazon’s growing supply chain control and luckily, one of their interns (probably) made a map!

Map 113

The illustration of Amazon’s potential future supply chain is pretty neat. Yahoo Finance can explain it better than I can so here is their summary; “Deutsche Bank outlines what it calls a ‘blue-sky’ scenario in which Amazon could reverse the entire logistics footprint it has built so far, opting to go deeper down the chain on the sourcing side. That is a way to say the company could get control of products nearly to the factory-floor level in Asia. Deutsche Bank adds that this new chain could increase private-label opportunities for Amazon and greatly reduce the amount of time products spend in the company’s supply chain.” This new supply chain model (new to Amazon, not new to Earth) might potentially look like this:Map 113 Supplement

Amazon’s current supply chain (not pictured) isn’t too shabby. I have Amazon Prime so I can get a large percentage of their selection of products within three days. The potential model, however, would give Amazon a lot more control over their operations and private product offerings. Back in my book-learning days at the University of Minnesota, this was called “vertical integration”. I have a feeling Amazon already owns a fair amount of their supply chain but Deutsche Bank seems to think they could stand to improve a bit by “leasing more ships” to move product from Chinese factories, something a fully vertically-integrated corporation would not need to do.

Map 114 is Google-related. Why? They were jealous of all the Amazon talk. It shows everywhere in the world that Google Street View is available.

Map 114

Google Street View is a fun and useful tool within Google Maps that allows internet people such as yourself to see what a place looks like from ground-level. It’s useful for typing in an address and seeing ahead of traveling to that place what the surrounding area looks like. I do that when I’m going to a business with which I am unfamiliar. It’s fun for two reasons, exploring the world (including the interiors of several famous buildings now available) and seeing weird stuff that people have done as those special Google Street View vehicles drove by! If you’re unfamiliar, there are numerous websites dedicated to locating both quickly-staged goofs and brilliant accidents caught on camera by the Google Street View cars. Some people see them coming and put on odd costumes just in time to be seen chasing them.


Street View isn’t available everywhere, yet, but I’m sure Google is constantly working to improve their reach. I feel bad that the weirdos throughout most of Russia have to wait. They’ll have their day eventually and will have to just settle for funny dash-cam videos for the time being.



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