Fun with Maps 111&112

Map 111 shows the countries never invaded by the British in white. All the pink countries, have, at one time, been invaded or colonized by the British. If you’ve taken any kind of history class recently (or have a good memory), you may remember two or three dozen instances over time of the British expanding their empire. Some of the key instances involve India, Australia, the United States/Canada, and as much of Africa as they could get their hands on. There were several other imperial powers vying for territory including Germany, France, Belgium, Japan and eventually, the United States and the Soviet Union. Competition aside, the British were the best of the expansion powers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact supported by a very pink map. You can learn more about Imperialism as a concept at Wikipedia or pick up a book. It’s an incredibly interesting topic but I don’t remember my AP European History class from 11th grade well enough to cover it adequately for you.

Map 111.png

Map 112 comes to us from Northern Minnesota and Grandma’s, an annual marathon event between Two Harbors and Duluth, Minnesota. It was held yesterday, June 18th.

Map 112

The entire 26.2 miles race course is mapped at the top of the image. The next part below is a chart of the course elevation. The bottom of the image shows a subset of the top section, a close-up of the last six miles of the marathon. In case you cannot see the tiny close-up, it’s in two larger pieces below.

Map 112 Close Up 2Map 112 Close Up

All the Mountain Berry Blast PowerAde you can drink is a tempting offer but I think I’ll pass on running a marathon for now. I don’t really run now that I’ve been booted from my kickball team (for an ankle injury but also because my friends are assholes) but I do like to walk the dog. Maybe I can walk a marathon some day. I certainly walked Beth ragged on our trip to London and Paris (75 miles in ten days) so perhaps endurance walking is in my future.


Duluth 2

As you can see from these images from Google Maps, Duluth and Two Harbors are nearly perfectly positioned at 27.2 miles apart. It also doesn’t hurt that Lake Superior and the quaint Minnesota towns along the route supply beautiful scenery for marathon runners. That’s the main reason Grandma’s Marathon is so tremendously popular. I won’t be running or walking Grandma’s any time soon, and you might live far from Northern Minnesota, so here are some pictures of the beautiful scenery to whet your whistle. At a minimum, they should inspire a trip to Duluth (even if you don’t plan to run while there).


I definitely need to visit Duluth again soon. It’s been roughly 12-13 years since my last and I’m overdue. It’s only a couple hours drive after all.


Until next time,


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