Fun with Maps 89&90

Our poor Maeby got into some trouble yesterday. Beth got back from grocery shopping (she was off) to find an empty bag of trail mix on the floor. I had brought the trail mix home from work the day before and left it on the back of our stove. I wish, now, that I never bought the stuff. Maeby, a Shetland Sheepdog, gets into everything. She can jump really high and snoops a lot. I should have known the back of the stove wasn’t high enough nor protected enough. She’s reached things like crackers, chips, and chicken jerky on our kitchen counters previously. No place is safe. Anyway, Maeby ate a small bag of leftover trail mix. I made the mix myself with peanuts, banana chips, and yogurt-covered raisins from the bulk food bins at the grocery store. If you aren’t aware, grapes and raisins can be highly toxic to dogs (worse than chocolate). Beth and I obviously freaked out and brought her to the emergency vet across town. They induced vomiting and admitted her for 48 hours of IV treatments and monitoring. It was absolutely heartbreaking leaving her there. She whined like crazy when the vet brought her back into the waiting area for us to see her after they induced vomiting. She didn’t want us to leave and we didn’t want to leave her. Tears were shed but the prognosis is good. The vet (whose last name is Rabe, by the way) says she has a great shot because we got her treatment quickly. That being said, that stupid little bag of trail mix is going to cost us anywhere from $1900 to $2500 (plus the cost of the original components). Not cool dog, not cool. We love you, but please avoid foods that are harmful to you in the future. Your mom and dad promise to do a much better job keeping you safe (from yourself).

Now for the maps. Map 89 comes in three parts all showing various protections for the LGBT community. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a young, educated liberal man living in a suburb of an educated, liberal city (Minneapolis). With all the headlines the past month or two about conservative governments in the South doing everything in their power to force people into bathrooms that don’t match their gender identity, I thought I would shine a light on the states that are doing the right thing for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people of the United States (broadly doing the right thing, not specifically regarding bathrooms).

Map 89ATwenty-four states/territories provide some kind of housing protection for LGBT people. Twenty-two of those also include protection for people based on their gender identity. That leaves quite a few states/territories that allow property owners to discriminate against human beings based on their sexual preferences and/or their bodies (things they cannot control and should not have to defend). That means, of course, that gay and transgender people could legally be denied a place to live due to the person owning the property having a hateful mindset.

Map 89BThe next map shows employment discrimination laws throughout the country. There are more options included as there are varying levels of protection. The strongest protection laws are the dark purple states. You may notice (I did), that every dark purple state and territory also had full housing protection as well. Take note, other states; those rock stars in dark purple understand the plight of LGBT people. They are humans too. They deserve the right to live normal lives unencumbered by bullshit thrust upon them unfairly by others.

Map 89C

The final protections map concerns hate crime laws. This is the most colorful map of the three by a small margin. Texas shows up for the first time in this series, as does Florida, Tennessee, and Kansas. Some states do not appear on any of the maps, such as; South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi (golly, I’m noticing a trend), Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia. It is perfectly legal in these states to discriminate against LGBT people in housing and employment as well as perform crimes that would be considered hate crimes if they believed LGBT were indeed people (which they are, for the record, have I not made that clear?).

All this (depressing) information was found on Wikipedia’s LGBT Rights in the United States page. Check it out for more specific information about each state’s protections or lack thereof. You can also learn about your rights here.

* * * * *

Map 90 is Africa. Hooray Africa! This particular map shows the natural vegetation of the African continent. Neat!

Map 90

There’s a lot more complexity to the vegetation of Africa than you may have thought! The Pyramids of Egypt and the expansive Saharan Desert of Northern Africa are easy to picture but there are many different types of land including steppe, brush-grass, coastal forest, tropical rain forest, and deciduous forest-woodland savannah. It’s much harder to picture the deciduous forest-woodland savannahs of Zaire, isn’t it?!

Well, that’s it for this edition of Fun with Maps. The weather has been fantastic since Wednesday and is projected to continue for at least the next seven days. My recent request for beautiful weather has been granted. 70 degree temperatures and sunshine have once again reached Minnesota (after a couple of awesome days in February, strangely). I’m going to spend the rest of my weekend doing yardwork and missing Maeby. Get better pup, we’re all rooting for you!


Maeby, my energetic yardwork companion


Bryan Signature 2





Bonus Map Link: Bacon Love





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