Fun with Maps 81&82

Oklahoma, my NCAA pick, lost to Villanova the other day so I’m out of the running for my office pool. I’ll still finish in the top ten but I’m disappointed. What could possibly help me get over that disappointment? Oh, right…

Map 81 comes to us from the world wide web (a novel invention and map-finding tool). The site claims that the map shows what category or categories each country is the world leader in. There are no sources provided but other than Greenland and Antarctica being included despite not being actual countries, the map seems mostly legitimate.

Map 81

It’s not the easiest to read but some of the notable smaller print includes:

  1. Mexico: Getting struck by lightning
  2. Ecuador: Endangering plants
  3. Uruguay: Eating beef
  4. South Africa: Ostriches
  5. Kenya: Flowers
  6. Nigeria: Yams
  7. Burkina Faso: Illiteracy
  8. Niger: Making babies
  9. Spain: Cocaine use
  10. Sweden: Atheism
  11. Czech Republic: Drinking Beer (won’t Germany be upset?)
  12. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Having land mines
  13. Azerbaijan: Software piracy
  14. Afghanistan: Opium
  15. Laos: Solar energy
  16. Singapore: Science
  17. Japan: Robots
You can also see the map close up here.


Map 82 is of my own creation. Beth and I use to chart our route when we walk our dog, Maeby. I took a screenshot of the Google Map of our neighborhood and added in every individual route (omitting duplicates). There were times one of us walked her alone, of course, but I walked 38 miles around our neighborhood last year between June and October. How crazy is that! That’s not too shabby for a couch potato like myself.


These routes don’t quite add up to 38 miles but we did double up on some of the shorter ones. The 22 unique routes represented in the map (my first original GIF, by the way) show just how walkable our neighborhood is. Our neighborhoods when renting in Minnetonka and living with Beth’s parents in Eden Prairie were very limited by contrast. This neighborhood was designed on something resembling a grid system. I don’t know how well you all remember Euler Circuits and Paths from middle school math class but our house is in a very circuit-friendly area.

People that claim to love Winter or the variation of the seasons are delusional or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I much prefer green grass and warm air. Spring is finally here and I’m looking forward to trying some new routes and re-visiting our favorites.


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