Fun with Maps 79&80

Mmmmmmaps! Mappy map maps!

I found Map 79 on Facebook recently. Apparently, the population inside the red zone contains 5% of the world’s total population. That area in red is Bangladesh (population 172 million) and part of India (221 million, in the indicated part anyway). That’s a whopping 393 million people in such a small area relative to Earth’s overall land mass. What about all the blue areas? They also represent 5% of the world’s population!

Map 79

It’s very interesting how much of the planet is inhabited by only 5% of the people. Parts of the United States are included as well as Canada, Australia, Russia, parts of Europe, and much of South America and Africa. There are a lot wilderness areas included, like rainforests, deserts, and tundra, but that is still very cool! According to the website where I found the map it was made by Max Galka. He created this piece using QGIS, (a free, open-source mapping tool), the Miller Cylindrical Projection, and the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook (for population figures). I am impressed with the amount of research required. Good work Max!

* * * * *

Map 80 covers the topic of NCAA basketball. Have you experienced any madness? It is March after all! I must admit, I don’t really follow college basketball at all. It’s far from my biggest interest. I love sports. I watch basketball. I used to shoot hoops regularly but college basketball has never really been my favorite. It does, however, catch the attention of a national audience unlike many other sports events. It’s so big that non-sports fans may still participate by watching games and/or filling out a bracket. Trying to predict outcomes of the tournament is a national past time.

Map 80

This map shows the general location of all the teams participating in this year’s tournament. A lot of the schools are in the Eastern half of the country but that makes sense when you consider the high populations of the areas represented. Basketball is played all over the place, obviously, but the Northeast is considered basketball-territory (by me/everyone). The Final Four teams, the ones playing this weekend to make it to Monday’s Championship game, are Villanova (#2 Seed), Oklahoma (#2 Seed), Syracuse (#10 Seed), and North Carolina (#1 Seed and general favorites of the teams remaining). Besides Oklahoma, all of those teams are in the East.


I chose Oklahoma in the bracket I filled out for a competition at work. I’m currently sitting twelfth out of sixty people (at various branches of my company) but I have the second highest “possible points”. That means I have the second most potential to win! Two other people chose Oklahoma but didn’t have North Carolina in the final. If those two teams make the Championship I will jump ahead of them. The one person ahead of me with potential points has the same teams in the final but the opposite outcome. I don’t follow the sport really but man it would feel really good to look like I know what I’m talking about! There’s a lot of potential street-cred to be gained. The most popular choices in the contest at work were Kansas (#1 Seed) and Michigan State (#2 Seed). The latter knocked a ton of people out right away (they were in my Final Four). My coworker Xavier lost his chance early on when his top choice, Xavier (#2 Seed), lost in the second round. Loser.

You may notice that my alma mater, the University of Minnesota, is not on the map. My Golden Gophers had an absolutely horrendous season two years after winning the lesser NIT Tournament (I know the ‘T’ in NIT stands for Tournament but I wanted to make it clear to those that don’t). Hopefully they can get their stuff together and turn the program around eventually. I’ve been unimpressed with Coach Rick Pitino’s tenure so far but what do I know?! I barely pay attention to college basketball. Just don’t tell my coworkers.

This map was also made by a good map-mind named Bill. You can check out his sports blog here.


That’s it for now. Tune in soon for another Fun with Maps and check out recent posts in case you missed any.


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