Fun with Maps 75&76

Map 75 shows what each state streams the most. Don’t believe me? It’s in the title of the picture and everything!

Map 75

I found this beautiful combination of maps and television media on Distractify (they gave credit to Home Snacks). There is absolutely no information on their sources. None. I can’t appreciate or discredit their sources but I can criticize the shows people are supposedly watching. That’s kind of my thing. I’m a critic (aren’t we all?) and I have justice to dispense. My home state of Minnesota has a quality choice in Arrested Development, one of my all time favorite TV shows much less my favorite comedy. Other comedies represented above that I enjoy are Portlandia (Oregon), Archer (Montana), Parks and Recreation (Kansas), The League (Wisconsin), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Rhode Island). I’ve seen 60% of the episodes of Family Guy too but haven’t had the time to watch it in recent years. Cheers is well respected but a bit before my time. I’ve seen several episodes but it’s not my forte (I don’t even drink). The Bernie Mac Show is incorrectly categorized as a drama on the map but I loved that show as well.

Dramas are well represented above. The West Wing (Vermont) is a fantastic program that I would highly recommend to anyone. Martin Sheen is the best and the rest of the cast is great.  Beth and I are a season behind on Orange is the New Black (Nevada) but we like it. We got one and a half seasons into Breaking Bad (New Mexico) before we stepped away and never went back. It was really well made and unique but darker than our usual shows. WAY darker. We were watching several years behind as the show was already extremely popular so I knew several spoilers. It would have been hard to watch some of what I knew would eventually go down. I’ve heard good things about House of Cards (Maryland), Mad Men (New York), and The Walking Dead (Alabama) (who hasn’t heard all about them from people at work?) but we haven’t watched any episodes of those programs yet. I have a long list of shows I want to watch one day and they’re all on it. A lot of people are going to say, “How have you not seen those four shows? Holy crap!”. While we now have HBO and AMC, we had basic cable for several years! We lived like cave people… but that’s okay. I’ll catch up some day!

The last category of television show represented in the map is Science Fiction. Game of Thrones (Massachusetts) is one of the most obvious highly-popular streaming shows out there. We haven’t seen it (see previous cave person comment). Heroes is incorrectly categorized in the map. It’s clearly a Science Fiction show but is listed as a Drama. It could be both but it’s more of the former than the latter. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Indiana) is also the wrong color. It’s definitely closer to a SciFi show. Beth and I really like it. We really love all the Marvel movies and the show is in that same world. It’s lower budget and with lesser stars in the cast but it’s really gotten good. I like the show despite Indiana’s support. Screw you Indiana. My friend Nate loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Kentucky) but I’ve only ever seen four episodes. He’s so into it that he’s watched it all the way through several times. I’m not in a huge hurry to watch it but I’ll give it a shot eventually. Star Trek (Alaska) is really good but technically that’s several individual shows.

Are there snubs on this list? Sure! The Simpsons aren’t on there. Is that because it’s not available for streaming? I don’t know. Maybe it is but I haven’t seen it online anywhere and we have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (we’re media junkies). What about Friends? Perhaps people do not need to stream it because absolutely everyone owns all the seasons (like my wife) or because it’s on syndication on several different channels. I watched two episodes last weekend while I was cleaning our basement. The Office is another snub. I love that program and it should be streamed a lot more than it is apparently.

Do you know of another TV snub not on that map? Share it in the comments below (after you finish reading this post, of course).

* * * * *

Map 76 will encourage you to get off the couch, after the last one did the opposite, and go outside to see the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. I’ve never seen them in person, just on the internet, but they are really, really awesome.

Map 76

Accuweather wants you to go outside at night, preferably in a poorly-lit area, and watch the beautiful skies. This evening’s opportunity won’t be for everyone, however. You can see in the map that it’s really best for people in Indiana (blegh), Ohio, Michigan, Southern Ontario, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and the rest of New England. States with “fair” viewing conditions are in the Midwest and Oregon/Washington. The Northern Lights aren’t always visible in our neck of the woods. You can read more about them here. I wish you luck stargazers!


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