2016 Travel Planning

I have an announcement to make. I probably won’t be taking a vacation this year. GASP! I know. I love taking trips. I love exploring this planet. I write a travel blog. How could I not be taking a vacation? My wife and I are expecting! There are a couple of reasons beyond that, I won’t blame my yet-to-be-born child for my lack of vacation this year, but that is on the list. Beth and I are very excited. I’ll be saving my vacation time for when the baby comes in late August/early September. I only get one week of paid time this year because it’s my first year at a new company. I’ll get two weeks per year in years 2-5 and then it goes up slowly every year after that. My wife gets five weeks of total paid time off at Costco. It’s a mix of vacation and sick time but still, that’s pretty awesome! I’ll never catch up. Never. That’s actually a sad and sobering thought. I’ll be in a vacation time deficit for my entire life assuming Beth continues on at Costco and I don’t start working for myself one day.

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The other main reason we won’t be taking a trip this year is money. Trips can be very expensive. I am pretty good at maintaining a budget and finding deals on travel but all our money is currently allocated to other ventures. Baby Knutson is going to demand a significant amount of financial support (get a job already, geez) but we also have a lot of renovation plans for our house. We’d love to redo our kitchen (which could realistically cost $20,000), add a powder room in the basement ($1000-2000), redo the electrical ($4000-5000), replace the carpet ($2000), redo the master bathroom ($5000), and add an indoor pool (just kidding). I would like to do as much of the work as possible myself but my renovation and handyman skills are still in progress. I’ve built some things and bought some used furniture I plan to rehab (okay, so that’s not really progress) but I’ve never tiled, dry-walled, carpeted, or torn down walls. I watch a ton of HGTV, so I know I’d be good with a sledgehammer at the very least. I definitely have an eye for design. I’m 50% OCD (I would have said 63% but 50 is a better, rounder number) and have great attention to detail which really comes in handy designing. When we do eventually come up with the funds to work on the larger projects of our dream house, I will have no problem coming up with ideas. For now I’ll just have to get by making sure our landscaping is up to par and fix up that dated furniture I mentioned earlier. Thank goodness Spring is here. I can get outside and tinker!

Don’t fret for me, dear reader. I may not have any new travel experiences to write about this year but I’m far too opinionated to stay silent for long. There will be plenty of Fun with Maps posts and I’m working on some general travel tips that I can share. I’ve got a lot of travel knowledge to spread, even if I can’t utilize that knowledge myself this year. If you have vacation time and choose not to use it, remember me, sitting at home. Go out and explore!


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