Fun with Maps 73&74

It’s Super Tuesday in the United States so you might be expecting another political map. My home state of Minnesota is one of the 12 states voting in primaries and caucuses today but I’m all politicked out. All the candidates are stopping by for fundraisers and rallies and I’m bored with it all. I’m plenty opinionated, so this might be surprising to you, but despite the party nominees being still undecided, I know which way I’ll vote either way. That makes the rest of campaign season (the really long campaign season) fairly boring for me. Avoiding politics, Map 73 concerns reality TV. That’s basically politics these days but they’re not completely the same.

Map 73

I have no idea who most of these people are. Some of them barely look like people, they’re reality stars after all. I was hoping I’d recognize the Minnesota entrant but I don’t. I have not seen, and will never watch Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (regardless of season). I do recognize the “most hated” from a few states. Some are from shows I’ve actually seen a lot of, such as Survivor, Big Brother, The Apprentice, and Pawn Stars. Others have just invaded the national culture (mostly in a negative way). Some of the latter include the Duggar creep from 19 Kids and Counting (Arkansas), Dog from Dog the Bounty Hunter (Colorado), Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s Mama June (Georgia), Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty (Louisiana), and the Gosselins from Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). Wow! It’s impressive that one couple represents the most hated in two states.

The first group, the ones from shows I’ve actually watched, includes some of the best villains. Villains are willing to piss off the competition but usually only the lucky ones still go on to win. Big Brother‘s Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin (New Hampshire) was a villain on season two of the show but I actually really liked him. He got 8th place but returned for season seven’s All Star cast of previous contestants which he went on to win despite being a total dick the whole time. He then participated in season 14 again just for fun but got tenth place. Richard Hatch (Rhode Island) of Survivor won season one as the bad guy. He was even the topic of one of the most interesting reality show speeches in history. Fourth place finisher, Sue Hawk, roasted him and the other finalist at the final tribal council. It was incredibly real for a then new medium, reality television, but quite mild by today’s insane standards. Russell Hantz (Texas) and Johnny Fairplay (Virginia), also of Survivor, were not as successful as Hatch. Hantz competed in back to back seasons, twenty and twenty-one, finishing second and third respectively. He was really mean to people and made all kinds of stupid choices. The only good part about him was the entertainment factor – both the rude behavior and his penchant for finding hidden immunity idols. Fairplay was such a ghoul that even host Jeff Probst publicly stated his disgust. Finally, Omarosa (Ohio) from The Apprentice was unsuccessful on two separate seasons. I really disliked her. It could have just been editing but she came of as extremely pretentious and lazy. It’s hard to believe now that Omarosa would appear tame compared to the first host of The Apprentice, Donald Drumpf #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain (I couldn’t help myself).

Map 74 provides an update to an ongoing topic of discussion on my blog, the expansion of Major League Soccer to Minnesota. It was in Map 38 a while back that I showed the cities involved in the next phase of expansion to the league, the top level of competitive football in the United States. This week, the owner of the Minnesota United, the current NASL/future MLS franchise, released the new stadium complex development plans.

Map 74

I love seeing community development plans like this! The stadium will seat around 20,000 fans and cost upwards of 120 million dollars. That’s a lot of money but, miraculously, the owner of the team, Dr. Bill McGuire, plans to build the whole thing on his own dime! He is asking for tax breaks and possible community development money for the surrounding parks and infrastructure but I think that’s a reasonable request. The stadium will sit on 34 acres of land currently inhabited by a grocery store, strip mall, and a closed city bus depot. The new complex will contain the stadium and multiple parks as well as mixed use office, retail, and residential space. There are a ton of details to be ironed out over the coming year or two but I look forward to seeing the progress. The team is scheduled to make the leap to the top league in 2018.

The location of the proposed stadium complex is also interesting, especially for me. I lived in the area for two years while I attended the University of Minnesota. I bought all my groceries at the Rainbow Foods currently still on the site. I ate at the McDonalds all too often (college in expensive). My hair stylist and optometrist were in the strip mall there. The U of M was a good twenty minutes away by bus but that was my neighborhood! I have good memories but the area certainly could use a revival. A light rail train has connected Minneapolis and St. Paul down University Avenue now but the proposed development would really bring the area known as “Midway” into this century. It is/was an area in desperate need of revitalization. A pro sports stadium and a bunch of other new buildings should really help start the process.

Map 74B

Left Arrow: My College Apartment

Right Arrow: Current Rainbow Foods

Purple Square: Proposed Stadium Complex Site

Green Line: University Avenue/Light Rail Line


You can see early renderings of the stadium here. It’s going to look really cool!


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