Fun with Maps 55&56

Map 55 comes to us from State of Obesity. “Oh no!” you might be thinking. “Is this going to be a preachy post about getting healthier and losing weight?” No. I should probably do those things but this map was simply interesting and informative. The full version on their website is interactive. You can click on each state and the corresponding graph shows as each state’s citizens get more and more obese as time goes on. ‘Murica!

Map 55

Okay, so this map is a little preachy but I’ll try not to be. Apparently, as of the most recent studies, every single state now has obesity rates of over 20%. Colorado has the lowest rate at 21.3% while Arkansas comes in as the most obese state at 35.9%. Minnesota currently sits at 27.6% ranking 36th. It’s no secret that the people of the United States have gotten heavier and unhealthier over the past few decades. If this map teaches us anything, it’s probably that the problem has reached new, dangerous heights. I’ve mentioned previously that I could stand to lose thirty to fifty pounds. My wife Beth has been in a health regimen lately that includes switching to a healthier diet, tracking food consumption, and tons of exercise with a trainer. I’m happy to say she has lost forty pounds and counting in the past six months! She’s working very hard and I could not be more proud. Her personal trainer, Tracy (she has pythons for arms), is doing her best to decrease Minnesota’s obesity rate one squat at a time. I’m glad Beth found her and the motivation needed to work on becoming healthier.

Minnesota Obesity Graph

Minnesota’s graph

Map 56 is related to something very near and dear to my heart, Star Wars! Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters on December 18th, less than two weeks away. I absolutely cannot wait. Beth and I won’t get to see it on opening night for two reasons; tickets are sold out all over the place and we don’t do so well on four hours of sleep like we once could. That being said, I hope to see it as soon as possible. Below is a fan-created map of the Star Wars galaxy by something called Modi (and possibly added to or altered by Dan Wallace and Jason Fry – its not clear).

Map 56

Click here to be able to zoom in closer. I’ll admit I spent a minimum of twenty minutes reading planet names. You can find Tatooine, Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s home planet, in the lower right in Sector R16. Dagobah, where Luke tracked down Yedi legend, Yoda, is located in M19. Naboo, from the lesser but mildly entertaining prequels, is fairly close to Tatooine in O17. I’ll make a short list of some other notable locations below but die hard fans should definitely read the entire map.

Hoth – K18                    Geonosis – O17

Yavin – P6                    Kashyyyk – P9

Endor – H16                    Coruscant – K9

A lot of the lesser-known planets on the map only gained life in the extended universe of Star Wars books. I read half a dozen of them when I was a kid and it is clear, this universe absolutely delivers excellent story-telling opportunities. I’ve been meaning to find my Star Wars books and give them another read. I think my old roommate still has a couple of them. Hello Amazon!

Star Wars 2

I welcome a black storm trooper/John Boyega to the franchise!

Disney is in charge of the Star Wars universe now and they (and their writers/producers/directors) are creating even more planets like Jakku. It looks an awful lot like Tatooine in that it’s a massive desert, but I’m really excited to see some new places in the Galaxy Far Far Away. The Force Awakens December 18th at midnight. I implore you to check it out.

Han Solo

Absolutely jazzed to see Han Solo back in action!

Star Wars



Bryan Signature 2



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