Fun with Maps 47&48

Map 47 comes to us from CNN. It takes data from the American College of Sports Medicine and shows the ten most and ten least fittest cities in the country. The Twin Cities come in #2 just behind Washington D.C. Now, conspiracy theorists might think I only post maps that show my home Twin Cities in a positive light. I will counter that, however, by saying it is much harder to find maps that don’t. I don’t know if it’s related to the fitness rankings but Minneapolis-St. Paul is constantly in the top three rankings of cycling-friendly cities (this year we’re first). The Minneapolis-St. Paul area does well in a lot of rankings and studies, that’s not my fault! The rest of the top ten include four cities in California, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and Boston. The bottom ten, those unfortunate, fitness-lacking cities, are grouped in the South and Center of the United States. Indianapolis falls dead last (funny, Indiana sucks at another thing) but I was surprised that fairly metropolitan cities like Dallas-Fort Worth, Nashville, and Memphis also make the bottom ten.

Fit Cities

Map 47: Fittest Cities

Map 48, by Savannah Cox at All That is Interesting, shows the most popular words used in online dating profiles by state. Some are very predictable while others are just strange. Most of the words are related to outdoor activities like Hikes, Kayak, Canyon, Hunting, Snowboarding, Cabin, Bonfires, Lakes, Woods, and Grilling (NOTE: Although Minnesota and Wisconsin share a popular word, I do not support sharing text over the border with the cheese-packing turds!). From the strange category, three states really enjoy Oil while two enjoy the Desert. I could see visiting a desert on a trip but I can’t imagine that would spark anything with potential dates on a dating profile. And oil? I can only imagine people are trying to sound wealthy. Four plains states stereotypically claim Farm while Florida’s word is Disney. Winner of the strange category, however, is Mississippi with “Lookin”. I hope that’s just a slang term I’ve never heard because it sounds terrifying.


Map 48: Most Popular Words on Dating Profiles by State

I wonder why Missourians like the zoo so much. Please subscribe, I crave the attention.

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