Fun with Maps 39&40

Are you ready to have fun? Are you ready for maps? Of course you are! You’ve already clicked on the link. Let’s not waste time asking questions with obvious answers and check out Map 39.

Map 39 shows the gender earnings ratio between male and female workers between the ages of 16 and 34. It is pretty common knowledge that women make less than their male counterparts for doing the same work. This map helps illustrate how much the average young woman is paid compared to the average young man. The higher the percentage in each state, the better women are doing financially. In only one state, New York, did women in this age range make more on average than men, $38,319 to $37,452. New York and the other top states are in blue below. Is your state more equal than others? It would sure be nice, in my opinion, if women made as much as men in general but especially for doing equivalent work. Wyoming has a long way to go.

Gender Earnings Ratio

Map 39: Gender Earnings Ratio

* * * * *

Map 40 is more personal in nature. As you know if you follow my blog or know me personally, my wife and I are looking to buy a house. We started looking at places a couple weeks ago with a realtor team recommended to us by some of her coworkers. Our target area, shown below as an odd kidney bean-shaped blue blob, envelopes a large area in the Western Twin Cities Metropolitan area. The suburbs where we searched include some very expensive areas we cannot afford such as Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Edina, and Plymouth. Based on our budget we spent a lot more time actively looking in places like Crystal, New Hope, and Bloomington. Some of the homes are smaller and/or older but we’re not too choosy when it comes to buying our first place. We just need a solid structure and a yard big enough to expend a bit of energy out of our constantly-moving dog, Maeby. Oh, and a two car garage, we’re not neanderthals. Take a look at the map and I’ll do a little more explaining about the different shapes and colors after the jump.

Home Search

Map 40: Our House Search

I know, quite the search area! We were fairly flexible on location. The balloon markers in green, yellow, and red indicate real estate listings we toured. They are ranked with red being houses we liked least and green the ones we liked best. The blue stars are addresses important to us like where we work and where our families live. The circles are locations of shopping venues, an important aspect of buying a house to us because we don’t want to have to drive long distances for stuff when we need it. The black dots are Target stores, pinks are Cub Foods, purples are Costcos, and the pale yellows are malls and large strip mall complexes. I plotted all these points and added in the houses as we saw them.

We picked every house we wanted to visit based on the specifications and online pictures. Not one was forced on us by our realtor like you occasionally see happen on HGTV. Prospective buyers say they hate certain things in a house and everything is a “total gut job” and their real estate agents force them to check out fixer-uppers anyway. It’s fun to mock them. Anyway, I noticed that most of the green balloons were congregated in one corner of the search zone within New Hope, MN. The school district isn’t the best in the ‘burbs and the taxes are high as hell but the top options we toured just happened to be grouped closely together. I’m pleased to announce, right here on my blog, that we’ve placed an offer on one of the houses we saw and pending inspection it is ours the first week in June! I’ll provide more information on the house we hope ends up as ours soon but until then I don’t want to jinx it!

Is that a big enough tease that you subscribe to my blog? Do it anyway, I enjoy the ego boost. Until next time, have a good week.

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