Fun with Maps 29&30

Another Fun with Maps is upon us. If you’re seeking more maps that will inform and entertain you, you have come to the right place! If you’ve clicked here by accident, too late, it would be rude not to read my post now! Read on.

Map 29 is a cartogram of World Population created by TeaDranks, a Reddit user, that I found on This person (I’m unsure of their gender) used Microsoft Paint and global census data to create a pretty cool representation of the population. First of all, I want to show my respect to a fellow home map-maker. This person obviously has a passion for maps or they would not have had the drive and patience to put it together. I’ve made many maps in my time (inspiration for this blog, of course) and it is clear this map took a long time to create. Now to the work itself. Each square in the cartogram, “a type of graphic that depicts attributes of geographic objects as the object’s area”, represents a population of 500,000 people. Take a gander.


Map 29: Cartogram (Kind of a Map) of World Population

Wow, did you really find a goose and just, just take it?! Gander joke, yes, I’m that cool. The cartogram is very cool and certainly varies a lot from a true geographic map of the world. China and India occupy the most space in this visualization when they are only the fourth and seventh largest in total area. Much of Asia, in fact, gets a lot larger relative to the rest of the world. On the other hand, the two largest countries, Russia and Canada, get considerably smaller. How different does your country look in the cartogram?

Countries by Area

Largest Countries by Area (km)

Countries by Population

Largest Countries by Population

The United States is #3 on both lists. We effectively occupy our country’s space! Of course, America’s population is unevenly distributed between big cities and the countryside but that’s not important. USA, USA, USA!!

* * * * *

Map 30 shows the top export for each of the states in the US.

State Exports Map

Map 30: Top Exports by State

I made the map using information I found on Community Table. Fancy buying some airplane parts? Twelve different states have your (seat)back. I was surprised California, land of many opportunities, joins the pack in exporting airplane parts as opposed to electronic components, software, or eccentric billionaire-funded cars and bullet trains. Petroleum and Crude Oil are the forte of seven states including Texas and Gulf Coast neighbors Louisiana and Mississippi. My home state of Minnesota specializes in Medical Equipment (the company I work for makes carrying and protective cases for medical devices). New York, some how, exports enough diamonds for that to be their top seller, which is hard to believe. What about your state? Does the top export make sense like mine or does it come as a surprise? Comment below in either case.

Author’s note: Indiana’s top export is medicine but only because they cannot export speeding tickets.

Bryan Signature 2

BONUS MAP: Most Popular Tourist Attractions by State


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