Fun with Maps 21&22

It’s the holidays! My wife and I were at a White Elephant and Ugly Sweater Party the other day, the first of several planned gatherings on our schedule the next two weeks. I was given a creepy little statue. Everyone thinks it might be a fertility statue considering the large drum between its legs but none of us knows for sure. Among the other gifts distributed randomly were a mannequin head (my offering), a Magic “D8” Ball, Sister Act 1 and 2 on Laser Discs, a book of hexes, and a 2015 “Dream Guys” Calendar which was received by a straight guy.

It was a fun night all around. We watched Home Alone 2 and one party attendee admitted to never seeing it before. I was a little shocked. As a child of the 90’s, I consider Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to be essential classics (the third and fourth editions in the series, not so much). She explained that her family didn’t watch a lot of television and movies growing up, fine, but this error is easily corrected. The party was a distraction so she planned to borrow the DVD for later viewing. I’ve seen both movies a bunch of times but this was the first time I had seen the sequel since visiting New York City two years ago. For Map 21, I figured it would be interesting to look up some of the locations used during filming. Take a look.

TravelsOfKevinMcCallisterI guess being chaperone-free with your dad’s wallet buys a lot of limo time. Kevin traveled around in style during the movie but also spent a considerable amount of time on foot. He’s constantly wandering around and with a huge, interesting city like New York, why not?. As you can see in the map, he covered a lot of territory during his short trip. During our East Coast Road Trip in 2012, Beth and I parked near Central Park and did the rest of our brief sightseeing on foot. We only had a few hours on what ended up being a long day, so I had to choose attractions wisely.

NYC 2012 Walk 2

I targeted the Gapstow Bridge at the Southeast corner of the park as one such location, specifically knowing it from this movie. It was a quick way to see part of Central Park while also seeing a place from one of my favorite iconic movies. The Plaza Hotel, Kevin’s base of operations, is also nearby across 5th Avenue from the park. Beth and I walked from Central Park to Rockefeller Center and Times Square, both seen in the movie as well. If you haven’t read my full trip synopsis I will encourage you to do so (I proposed once we got to a beach in Florida).

I don’t want to give away too many of the plot details and spoil a movie from 1992 so a warning, there are images ahead.

I found all of the photos and addresses here if you’d like to explore a couple that I left out and, of course, my map was created using Google Maps. Also, I just bought the entire Home Alone series for $10 at Target (Christmas is great)!

* * * * *

Map 22 is a bit depressing and for that I apologize. While this series is titled Fun with Maps the content of the maps doesn’t always inspire fun by itself. However, I like to think that learning is fun, and since I’m in charge here, I’ll let that count.CaptureAs you can see, median household income peaked at least 15 years ago in 81% of U.S counties. Not terribly good news for people trying to make an honest living. This data likely reflects the growing wage gap. Those few at the top make more and more money while the majority at the bottom make less and less. The median income cannot increase under these conditions. Most of us are probably screwed but what do I know, I’m not an economist. Isn’t learning fun!!

To explore the map more closely, visit the Washington Post. This map is part of a new series by Jim Tankersley and I look forward to reading his future work on the subject of the economy and the struggling middle class.

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