Honeymoon Planning 2: Electric Boogaloo


You can see how thick and swollen my left ankle and foot were. This was maybe a week after it happened.

It has been over a month since I last posted on this blog about our honeymoon planning. The main problem though, is that I went more than a month without actually planning anything. ANYTHING. I injured my ankle at the end of July while playing in an adult recreation kickball league (what? it’s cool). I turned my ankle in a patch of uneven gravel and I went down hard. It was pretty gruesome and if you don’t want details skip ahead to the next paragraph. There was a loud cracking noise as my ankle twisted. There was blood everywhere and everyone on the scene gathered around me. My main concern was wondering if it was broken as shock made the pain manageable. There was white stuff that was potentially ligament or bone fragments near the open wound and everyone told me it was possible the bone broke, popped out and then popped back into place. Apparently that is a gross thing that happens occasionally. Anyway, I took an ambulance to the hospital. Once the original shock of the accident passed I wasn’t in a ton of pain and chatted casually with the EMT. I learned later that Beth was crying in the passenger seat up front. At the hospital I was signed in and told it might be a few hours. Beth and I did the math and figured that if it was broken I still had six weeks to recover before we flew to London. A broken ankle or foot would hopefully heal with that much time but we were still pretty nervous. A couple different people came in to inspect my leg and hope was not exactly high. From the time of my injury late in the game, one cop, two EMTs, two nurses, three doctors, the X-ray technician, my father, and two entire kickball teams all told me there was a decent chance my ankle was broken. That is until the X-ray tech finished his work! No bones or ligaments were broken or torn. It was just a ridiculously bad sprain. The way I picture it (and I’m not a doctor), everything bent where it was supposed to bend when I turned my ankle so nothing broke except the skin. The cut wasn’t very long but was almost an inch deep (gross). Like a hotdog broke in half, the point of rupture was deep. The doctors were definitely puzzled that nothing was broken and guessed that the white stuff must have just been some fatty tissue forced outward during the rupture (again, super gross).

Welcome back those of you that skipped ahead. So basically I hurt my ankle really bad but it wasn’t broken. My ankle and foot were massively swollen though (I took so much ibuprofen I am certain they ran out). I missed two days of work at first but then Beth drove me in the rest of the week. Luckily, I was able to wheel myself around in my office chair because our entire facility is tiled/concrete. I was on crutches/office chairs for three weeks. I was able to drive myself around once my pain-killer prescription ran out because I hurt my non-driving ankle. It’s a good thing I drive an automatic. After three weeks of waiting on my useless self my wife forced me to put some weight on my leg and I was able to walk within three days. She really did take excellent care of me the entire time. She didn’t sleep very well and like I said I was useless taking care of the dog or doing chores. I love her very much.


A funny picture of Maeby that I took in August

Fast forward two more weeks and we were moving out of our apartment. I mentioned in July that we were moving in with Beth’s parents to save money for a down-payment on a house. I started packing before my injury but during my recovery we packed almost nothing. We were really far behind and by the time I could walk we had a lot to do. We took as many carloads of boxes as possible over the course of a week. I rented a truck to move all the furniture in one trip with the help of Beth’s sister Vicki and her dad Ken. I also found a refrigerator on Craigslist.com and we picked that up and moved it into the basement with all of our crap (and we have a lot of crap). The following day we cleaned our old apartment which took a very long time (Beth’s parents were a big help cleaning). I never want to leave the cleaning to the last day again. Before my injury, of course, the plan would have allowed us a lot of time to move our stuff early and have plenty of time to clean. Ideally living without a lease and strict move-out date will be a big help whenever we buy a house.

We lost five weeks of planning to my injury, moving, and a little to fantasy football drafts. We got way behind, were in a bind, and were looking to make a deal (or something like that). So yesterday, I again checked out Airbnb looking for a place to stay in Paris. I mentioned it in my last post but I really like using Airbnb for a variety of reasons. For two examples, the prices are generally better than most budget hotels and there are less rooms to worry about so your hosts are focused on your stay and your room being clean. I booked our London room on Airbnb in early July but hadn’t looked for Paris since. I checked through hundreds of listings and narrowed it down to half a dozen. From there I brought Beth into the process and showed her some pictures and prices. I am happy to report that I booked the winner this morning! At last, we know exactly where we are staying for every single night of our trip. I am not the type of person to travel without a plan and this trip is cutting it pretty close. This European adventure has been more difficult to plan than I anticipated. The trips I have planned in the past have been predominately road trips within the United States. I usually just plan the cities we want to visit, find cool stuff to see along the way and my itinerary fills in quite easily from there. For this trip, however, we’re not going to have a car. We have to figure out public transportation, foreign currency, exchange rates, French, and jet lag. These are not things with which I normally must contend. I realize now how easy it is in comparison to gas up a car and just go.

So what is left to plan? Some of the biggest things left are:

  1. Book our train tickets from London to Paris
  2. Write and print the itinerary
  3. Buy foreign power converters
  4. Win the lottery
  5. Buy public transportation passes (may be easiest to do once we arrive)
  6. Memorize a map of London (that’s possible to do right?)
  7. Determine directions from our accommodations to each attraction we plan to visit
  8. Decide if we want to do a bus tour from London to Stonehenge and book it
  9. Learn French (not it!)
  10. Tons of other stuff

Some of the stuff we have already accomplished:

  1. Added international capability to Beth’s cell phone for emergency use only
  2. Checked with our banks to ensure our cards will work overseas
  3. I currently know where my camera is (that’s helpful I guess)
London Tourist Zones

I split the tourist attractions in London into different zones based on the location of our accommodations.

So as you can see we have a fair amount to do still. Making the itinerary will probably take me a long time. I usually have a packet of all the important information for our trip printed and with me when we travel. I look at it as insurance for all of our information in case we get lost or our technology doesn’t function. Speaking of technology, it is going to be really weird not having our phones. At the very least I will miss the GPS feature. We will be completely on our own walking around. We’re talking physical maps here people, straight 1990’s stuff! I don’t even want to think about how hard it will be to get around Paris when everything is in French. I’ve also heard that a decent percentage of the Parisian people do not like Americans (too bad, we’re still coming).

Okay, so this post has allowed me to make everyone aware of how behind I am in planning our honeymoon. We leave in twelve days and six hours. Holy shit (pardon my limited French).

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed reading about my injury, rushed move and frenzied trip planning. Everything else has gone pretty well. We’re all alive and well. Beth and both our fathers had birthdays so happy birthday to all of them. If I have any time between now and leaving I will try to post once more to update everyone on the preparation.

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2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Planning 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. What are attractions in each letter marked on the map? I am curious to what sites you plan to visit. I hope you plan on going to the ones I gave money for, for my gift. 🙂 One of my favorite places!

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