Trip #4: Houston

This trip took place from March 13th to March 17th, 2014.

Night 1 into Day 2, MSP to HOU: It had been eleven months since our last vacation. My wife, Beth, and I were once again itching to be out of the house and out of the state. Helping us decide wFlight 1here to go for a quick weekend away was Beth’s brand new nephew down in Houston, TX. Okay, okay, we planned this trip so that we could visit when the baby was about a month old. Vicki, Beth’s other sister, would also be making the trip. Always on the lookout for a good deal I spent a good amount of time doing price research for plane tickets to Houston. For weeks the prices remained steady around $350 per ticket. Beth’s mom (and grandmother-to-be) caught wind of a good deal one random Monday and told me to check it out. Sure enough, overnight the prices had dropped for our target month of March by about $100! I booked three seats just before bed that night and the plans were set.

We left after work on a Thursday night to maximize our weekend into four days. Vicki lives on the way to their parent’s house so we picked her up. Maeby, our dog, would be spending the weekend with Beth’s parents. The look on her face when we leave is heart-breaking. She’s the kind of dog that assumes you died when you’ve been at work all day and when you come home she greets you with the same enthusiasm of a mosquito on my ankle. Carol dropped us off at the airport and we got in a short line for security. I had not flown since 2009. They had those new full-body scanners where you stand in jumping-jack pose. The scanner points out potential security threats for actual security personnel to check out. Just my luck, the scanner pointed straight to my crotch! A guard pulled me to the side and asked me to stand inside a small office no bigger than a port-a-potty. A supervisor joined us and said the scanner picks up on bunched-up fabric sometimes but he had to pat down my crotch (see if I ever where those jeans to the airport again). Because I wanted to actually go on this vacation I told him to do what he had to do and get it over with. I passed inspection and was allowed to finally put my shoes back on.

Once to the gate we boarded the smallest airplane I’ve ever been inside, a record I hope to never break again. It wasn’t a crop-dusting biplane or anything, there were 98 passenger seats, but I still felt like mortal peril may be imminent. When we got our boarding passes our seats were in three separate rows. When I booked online I distinctly remembered getting three seats side by side in one row but everything must have been messed up when they downgraded the size of the plane. Everyone else on-board must have had a similar thought because discussions sprang up and nearly every butt was in a different seat two minutes later (Beth was able to sit next to me in my window seat). 20140313_190949This little plane was also overbooked. The airline was trying to squeeze another family of four on-board and there were only three available seats. They first offered a $200 voucher and then upped it to $300 and $400 but no one was willing to get bumped. If our trip was longer than four days we probably would have jumped at the extra cash. Instead, they let the next three people on standby on the plane (one of them a 300lb lineman by the look of him) and I heard a rumor that the family of four was given first class upgrades for the first flight the next morning. It pays to buy tickets early (we got on the plane) but it pays even more to be late, apparently.

Flying is a really efficient way to travel but I do not prefer take-offs and landings. I use the chewing gum method but my ears have been known to adjust very poorly to elevation change. My family went to Cancun one time and they didn’t pop when we landed. They felt off for about an hour before I was able to swallow enough air to equalize the pressure. I even had a problem on a school band trip in ninth grade when we took a pressurized coach bus to Chicago (we stayed at a great hotel though, unlimited bacon with breakfast). Fortunately, my ears were just fine on this occasion. I stared out the window as much as I could. South from the airport we passed over notable sites like the Mall of America and then Mystic Lake Casino. I didn’t pay close attention to the time but I tried to see big cities from the air. After about an hour I thought we might be passing over Des Moines, IA but realized later that we must have passed it long before then. Maybe it was Kansas City or something. I played Settlers of Catan and Pandemic on my iPad for a while when the clouds obscured the ground. We passed over Dallas and the pilot announced that he was starting the descent. I knew it was Dallas because the Reunion Tower was lit up green. The whole city is lit up beautifully at night. I got up and used the restroom and I hope I nailed Jerry Jones’ house. Before I knew it we had landed and we were waiting outside in the warm Houston night. We had left chilly March weather back in Minnesota, of course, so anything would have seemed warm in comparison. Dave drove forty minutes to pick us up because George Bush International is really, really out of the way (let’s get on those high-speed trains Texas)! Back at our Houston home-away-from-home, aunts Beth and Vicki got their first chances to hold new nephew, Carter. I held him the first night as well, for about two minutes. We all caught up and talked fluently in “baby” well into the night.

IMG_3619The next morning, we slept-in having stayed up fairly late. We let Val get some much needed sleep and the rest of us walked down to the “Melange Creperie”, a Houston favorite that I’ve written about in previous posts. This time I had the Ham, Egg and Cheese Crepe with Pineapple-Habañero Salsa. It was, as always, amazing. The owner/operator of the small stand is an expert in his craft and a super nice guy. A woman parked and walked over while smoking a cigarette. He took her order, told her there was a ten minute wait, and suggested she go across the street for some coffee. After she left, he said something to the effect of “I can’t believe how oblivious some people are, I mean there’s a baby in a stroller right there!”. See, I told you, he’s super nice. Anyway, we got our food to go and walked back.

Val was on maternity leave so much of this particular weekend vacation was spent inside at their place. Dave did have to periodically pop into work but was home as much as possible, even working from home a bit. Dave and I went out to run a few errands including a trip to the bank and Radio Shack. Dave says that a member of ZZ Top lives somewhere nearby and has been spotted there. It was March 14th so we also sought to buy some pie for the group to celebrate Pi Day (3.14). Houston is home to a few House of Pies locations (why are those not in Minnesota?) but unfortunately, on Pi Day of all days, the nearest House of Pies was closed for renovations. The next closest location was several miles in the opposite direction so we retreated home for the time being. Val put Carter down on the floor for some “baby tummy time”. It helps build his awareness and neck strength. As you can see at left, tummy time is not just a baby activity, it involves a group. Carter told us he had had enough tummy time after a few minutes and Val fed him again. He didn’t scream all that much during the day but he was most vocal when he was hungry. We watched TV for a while and then geared up for another outing. Val and Vicki went grocery shopping (and finally bought pie) while Dave, Beth and I brought Carter and Maple (the dog) on a walk to lunch. We walked to another Houston hot spot, “Little20140314_175439 Bigs”. We ordered for the five of us and Val and Vicki joined us with their groceries in tow. We sat on the big dog-friendly patio with a decent downtown view. Beth hooked Maple to our table which she tried to uproot when she saw some pigeons in the parking lot. Little Bigs is co-owned by Bryan Caswell, one of the contestants on the Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef” a few years ago. They have a smaller menu but specialize in sliders and you can mix and match. I had a trio with three sliders; beef with caramelized onions, chicken with a pickle, and pulled pork with coleslaw. I liked all three but I suppose I liked the chicken and pork the most. I’m not a big coleslaw fan but it was really good on the slider. We shared cheesy fries and we all ordered shakes, a strawberry one for me. The place is a bit expensive but everything tasted great and I didn’t leave hungry.

Dave took the groceries back with the car so Val could walk back with us. She said that eating lunch and walking back was the longest she had been outdoors in at least a month, understandable for a busy new mom. For us three out-of-towners, it was just nice being outside not wearing a thick coat, hat and gloves. Visiting Houston in the Winter and Spring is a good idea. Evidently, it gets a little hot there in Summer (my friend, Captain Obvious, told me that). We visited in April of 2013 and experienced very strong sun and temperatures in the 80s. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching TV and taking turns holding Carter (mostly the sisters, I played on my iPad a lot). We watcIMG_3629hed a variety of movies and shows, including Last Action Hero, Chuck, and Doctor Who. For dinner we ordered Tex-Mex. Dave and I went down the street to “El Real” to pick it up. We ate there the year prior but this time I ordered Val’s favorite dish, the Enchiladas Borunda. The enchiladas are pork with guajillo chile and come with rice and re-fried beans (I ordered double rice instead). The meat was quite tender but the flavor wasn’t quite to my taste, a bit on the darker-savory side. It was still tasty but I will probably order something different next time. The portion was large enough to have a full meal of leftovers the next day. Even as a take-out order we were given chips and salsa which was cool. We ate banana cream and pumpkin pie for dessert and once again stayed up until 2am, much too late for me! End of day two.

Day 3, did I mention there’s a baby?: We slept in again to counteract staying up late. 20140315_125457Val and Dave did not have the same luxury. Val spent a lot of time feeding her hungry baby and he does not care how late it is. I woke up and Beth was already downstairs holding Carter. I had a bagel for breakfast but the meal I was especially excited for was lunch. Around 1pm Dave, Vicki, Beth and I walked to Lankford Cafe. It was raining a bit but we had umbrellas. Beth and I shared the one larger umbrella but it’s hard to walk with two people under one umbrella. I tried to cover us both but Beth ended up out in the rain quite often (+1 martyr point to Beth). When we got there, a little wet, we got a table by the door. Dave ordered “The Cuban”, Vicki had “The Greek” and Beth again ate a chicken version of “The Firehouse”. It was tempting to order something new but I had to get “The Grim”. My advice to you would be to get it, eat it, and get another one to go! The Grim is comprised of a large beef patty, bacon, mac and cheese, jalapenos (which I had them leave off) and a fried egg. The burgers and sandwiches at Lankford are pretty large so we shared one order of fries between the four of us. The habañero mustard on Beth’s Firehouse was just as fiery as the year before. My wife loves spicy foods and this mustard is the only food she’s ever eaten that is satisfactorily hot. They apparently grow the habañeros on-site. We walked back home full and content (and wet again). I’ve said it before but I really like their interesting neighborhood known as “Montrose”. It is really close to downtown, has a great reputation for restaurants, and provides a fun, eclectic energy. Back at home we watched some more TV and relaxed. It was definitely Beth’s kind of vacation. She prefers slower-paced trips whereas I like to get out and go go go. For a good example, go back and read my posts entitled “Trip 1” and “Trip 2”. Luckily for me, the evening would be closer to my preferred speed.

We dressed up in raincoats and orange gear and headed out to the Houston Dynamo game. The weather wasn’t spectacular but the rain wasn’t coming down too hard so the game was going to be played as scheduled. Val once again opted to stay home with Carter while the rest of us used their season tickets. Dave parked for free about a half mile away from BBVA Compass Stadium. On our walk we passed Minute Maid Park and Toyota Center where the Astros and Rockets play respectively. Once we got inside the stadium the rain slowed and it became pretty sticky. Our seats were partially roofed and what rain came missed us completely. The opponent that evening was the Montreal Impact. The Dynamo scored sometime in the first half. Soccer fans throw streamers and balloons when their team scores, a celebration that would be interesting in the NFL. The hardcore fan section goes especially insane after a goal. The rest of the first half was uneventful and the score remained 1-0. Halftime is the only time most people get up during a soccer match because of the continuous game clock but we didn’t go anywhere.20140315_20173620140315_210645

The second half was filled with flops by Montreal. The Montreal Injury-Fakers, as I like to call them, spent more time on the ground than they did with the ball. Half of them took turns laying down while #23, the 5’7″ complaint-king Hernán Bernardello of Argentina hounded the referees. In the picture below he’s the guy directly to the left of the ref with his teammate hamming it up on the ground. The end result of all this non-sense was a win for the Dynamo. Nobody else scored the rest of the game so the score was 1-0. Somehow at the end of the game Montreal had more shots on goal despite all the time they wasted on the ground.


The four of us left our seats and meandered out with the orange-covered crowds. It was dark and damp but the walk back to the car was enjoyable, a pleasant Spring evening. This particular weekend in Houston was a mix of rain and clouds. Friday was nice and the sun came out about two hours before our departure on Monday but Saturday and Sunday were wet. I guess it worked out that this weekend was our hang out with a baby weekend (read=indoors). Beth and Vicki took turns holding Carter between feedings for 45 minutes to two hours at a time. I held him for ten minutes here and there but it just wouldn’t be right for me to take too much time away from happy aunts. My wife is, perhaps, a bit baby-crazy. She’s ready to have kids (two of them) right away. As I write this we have been together for six years and married for 259 days. I want to have children too but we disagree on the timing. She wants them NOW and I’d like to win the lottery first so we can afford to raise them (those costs are skyrocketing it appears). In all seriousness, I have been saying that I would like to buy a house before we continue to build our family. I would just prefer to raise our kids in a home that we, and the bank, own. We’re currently building our down payment and working with a mortgage guy. Despite the lack of travel implications I’ll probably write a post on this blog when we’re lucky enough to get the keys to our first house. As for a baby, I’ll probably write about that experience too but from a slightly more exhausted perspective.

When we got homeIMG_3616 from the Dynamo game, we all watched highlights of the Vancouver-New York game. Carter watched the soccer highlights from Dave’s lap and it was adorable. He can’t understand a lick of it yet but he’s already forever orange. Beth and her sisters grew up in a soccer family and Carter is a budding soccer fan too. I like it well enough but I don’t follow the MLS too closely nor the European leagues at all. I do really like Olympic and World Cup soccer, however, because of the thrill of international competition. I have now seen a few professional soccer games and they are fun experiences. Beth bought us tickets to a local Minnesota United FC game last month. The “Loons” play in the North American Soccer League, a Division II of sorts under the MLS. There are rumors that the Twin Cities will get an expansion MLS team in the next couple years. There is also a chance the United will get promoted to the MLS like the Montreal Impact (AKA the Injury-Fakers) did in 2012. Football will always be my favorite but there’s room in my life for more sports! Once the Twin Cities have a local team to cheer for I could see myself following the MLS a lot more. After watching the highlights Dave wanted to show us the first episode of a show called Warehouse 13. Beth and I ended up watching all four seasons of Warehouse 13 available on Netflix/Amazon Prime over the next month so it was a great recommendation Dave! I laid on the floor while we watched and when I eventually got up I had a crick in my neck. It was again very late. End of day three.

Day 4, let there be breakfast: There is a place in Houston called Baby Barnaby’s. I woke up on Sunday morning full of breakfast-anticipation. Val slept in with the short amount of peace she could get and the rest of us walked to Baby Barnaby’s. Dave’s friend from college, Warren, now living in Houston as well, joined us. We got a table right away the year before when Beth and I went there with Carol. This time the wait was emblematic of the restaurant’s quality and usual busy nature. It was raining and everyone else on the wait list was standing under the covered porch drinking coffee. After about a thirty minute wait we got a table about five feet away on that same porch. It was refreshing and cool outside so it didn’t bother us. I ordered the “Pink and White” ham and eggs. I have a habit of ordering the same food items repeatedly when I find something I like, just like the Grim. The Pink and White is no exception. It is impossible to eat at Baby Barnaby’s and still fully enjoy eating at chain breakfast places. Barnaby’s uses fresh ingredients and the difference shows. The menu isn’t very large but then again neither is the restaurant. My eggs were fantastic with large cheese and ham chunks inside. The breakfast potatoes, often an afterthought at some place, were superb. I put blackberry jam onto my toast and the side of bacon I ordered was excellent. They also squeeze their own fresh orange juice using a machine on the counter. Any other breakfast plate just fails to compare favorably to Baby Barnaby’s. I cannot remember who got what exactly but I know someone got the Green Eggs (spinach and eggs) and someone got the Breakfast Tacos. Dave ordered the French Toast to take home to Val as well.

Over our breakfasts we discussed many things. We had met Warren a few years prior when Val and Dave got married in Minnesota. He told us about his girlfriend and his move to Houston the past year. He does something sciency like Val and Dave. He brought up crazy people playing on Xbox live. I don’t own a gaming system but I can definitely relate with crazy people stories so the conversation was fun. A large group of people with a dog behind me were waiting for a table. They started inquiring about the wait and were mad when they heard that the only dog-friendly table on the porch was occupied and they’d have to wait until that particular party left. They promptly left in a huff because they couldn’t comprehend a restaurant that didn’t want more than one dog at their establishment at a time (eyeroll). The next time we are in Houston I really hope to try (non-Baby) Barnaby’s cafe for lunch or dinner. The reviews are similarly appetizing. The abundance of fantastic eateries in the area are calling me for our next visit. Damn, now I’m hungry.

Back at home we had more hold, stare at, and peek-a-boo the baby time. I held Carter too (evidence below). At some point they put him in a Winnie the Poo onesie which had a matching hat. It was crazy-adorable. Dave did some work upstairs and the rest of us sat in front of the boob-tube. Dave got a new Xbox One in the mail and once he set it up we could control Netflix using just speech. At least we tried to, anyway. Someone would try to change menus and it wouldn’t respond so everyone would join in. It was fun taking turns shouting at the thing. I’m sure it is very easy to use once you get the hang of it, probably. Not much happened the rest of the day. We watched some stuff, ate some leftovers for lunch, and playedIMG_3737 with the baby. For dinner we ordered from Star Pizza (specializing in deep dish pizza). The five of us had a hard time coming to a collaborative decision but we ended up with two options eventually. Dave made fun of me for not wanting onions or peppers. I’ve heard that before but it doesn’t bother me, I’ve identified what I like on a pizza by now. Dave drove to get the food and I volunteered to get out of the house, err, I mean help him. We parked next to a Chevy Silverado in the parking lot that said “Texas Edition” with a silver star used as the ‘X’ in Texas. I don’t know what features made it Texas-approved but they weren’t evident from first glance. We got there a few minutes early and there was a guy that walked in already complaining about the wait. He was quite loud considering the open kitchen a few steps away. I hope he learns his lesson before someone teaches him the saliva way. I think I would like to eat inside the restaurant the next time we visit. There is lots of stuff on the walls, an interesting little non-chain eatery. The sun popped out finally and the beautiful Houston weather resumed. Back at home we chowed down and relaxed. I had more pie, life was good. End of day four.


Exhibit A: Proof I held a baby

Day 5, the St. Patrick’s trip home: Waking up on the last day of vacation sucks. We knew we had to go home to our normal lives but a small part of me wished I’d bought a lottery ticket the night before in the small chance that we’d win our freedom from those normal lives. At the very least an extra day or two would have been nice. Beth and I haven’t been on a long two-week trip since 2012. We drove South and West for two weeks in 2011 and East and South in 2012. Going on those longer trips requires more planning (which I enjoy more than I should) but beIMG_3615ing away from work and typical responsibilities for an extended time is very freeing. It sure would be nice to be a millionaire. I read recently that Brenton Heyden, founder and CEO of Renter’s Warehouse, (they’re all over the radio with commercials if you haven’t heard of the company) set a goal of retiring early when he was in college. He just semi-retired at the age of 30. He still weighs in on large-scale company decisions but he makes them from a beachfront estate. I’m quite jealous of Mr. Heyden but he worked hard for it. At least I got a Monday off.

I held Carter for fifteen or twenty minutes the last morning we were there. During that short window of time Carter’s diaper leaked. I was so concerned about him spitting up on me that I forgot all about the other end. Maybe next time I’ll wear a full length smock. It was St. Patrick’s Day and there was pee on my only green shirt. It was about three hours before our flight so I threw my shirt in the laundry with the sheets and towels from the guest room. Val always tells us not to worry about washing stuff after we stay with them but we never listen. Anything we can do to repay their hospitality, we will do. Vicki and Beth left some cash in the diaper bag when we were on the way to the airport too. It didn’t take long for Val to find it. I claimed ignorance and was told I was welcome to come back anytime! Val and Dave really are great hosts. Unfortunately for you, dear readers, they’re not a hotel and I don’t have any recommendations in Houston.

The weather was beautiful when we packed our stuff in the car. Val fed Carter strategically so he wouldn’t be hungry in the amount of time it would take to drive us to the aiIMG_3759rport. It was hard for Beth and Vicki to let the little one go. Living 1200 miles away from their nephew is difficult. There’s a lightning-speed research study for a lazy grad student out there; an aunt’s anxiety in relation to distance from a baby versus that of an uncle’s. Carter slept in the car with an aunt on each side (an easy way to get shotgun without a fight I’ve discovered). The sky was pure as could be on the long trip North to George H.W. Bush International. The airport was getting new approach signage causing a little traffic backup. There was a temporary sign in front of the main entrance sign that said “new sign coming soon”. It was a lot of signs. Once we arrived and got out of the car I snapped a photo with all three sisters together to commemorate the occasion. All three haven’t lived in the same state since the twins graduated high school.

Someone I went to high school with recently moved to Boston. Beth and I have talked about other states we might consider calling home in the future. Val and Ken, Beth’s dad, both went to Oregon State for undergrad and Beth liked it when she visited. Beth has a lot of family in San Francisco and I loved the area when we visited. Texas has some positives, at least the parts of Houston I’ve seen extensively. We both like Minnesota but the winters here are getting old fast. As cold-blooded locals we can handle it but it doesn’t mean we like too. I like to think I could handle living in a new place but afteIMG_3776r 26 years in the Twin Cities (24 years of which were spent living within the same ten mile area) it would be a big change. Beth and I are at an early point in our working lives still where we don’t have full-blown careers. She works at Costco and I work at a textiles manufacturer. Costco has opportunities to get promoted or transfer to a different location but you have to request or apply if you want to move. No one is going to call Beth in to their office and randomly say we need you to move to Oregon for a huge raise. That’s not the type of job either of us have. If we are going to move across the country we’re doing it the hard way. We’d have to actively look for work in our target city, hope to both get jobs and then move all our crap over there in a truck (and we have a lot of crap). I’d welcome the opportunity to live in a new place some day but it would be nice to have a job waiting for me when I get there.

Flight 2At the airport my stomach was upset (sorry for providing too much information) meaning I had to experience the airport bathroom. I scoped one out first and it was not up to my usual standards. There was another one a few gates down. I made the walk and it was worth it! This second bathroom was heads and tails ahead of the first. Our flight was at 3:30pm so we got quick bite from a stand near our gate called “Mango Taco Truck”. They must have a truck or two out there on the streets of Houston or they chose a weird name. I had the Cochinita Taco with pork, avocado, and mango salsa. It was delicious but in typical food truck style the portion was small. I do love fruit salsas though. We boarded the plane, slightly larger, thank goodness, and were seated in economy plus. Oh my, what an invention! There was twice the legroom of a standard economy seat but it felt like more. There were little screens for each seat so we got to watch an episode of Friends while we waited to take off. Sadly the screens became pay service once we took off so we just played on our tablets and phones. My wife again let me have the window seat because I’m spoiled and she loves me. I am often awarded better seats because I like to look out windows and take pictures. I am very fortunate. Vicki also had a window seat in the row behind us. I once again played Settlers of Catan and Pandemic but added in a few rounds of Flow, an addicting connect-the-dots game I downloaded a long time ago. I got a great can of apple juice from the cart and not just great for canned juice, actually delicious juice. The flight was uneventful and the plane landed in Chicago at O’Hare International. We knew all along that our connection was tight but then it took forever to taxi to the gate. We were ready to go as soon as we were allowed off the plane. Luckily we were in the twelfth row and didn’t have to wait long to get into the terminal. 20140317_185658We raced through a sea of slow-moving, giant suitcase-toting travelers. It was difficult enough to get through the people much less figure out where we had to go. We had to consult an electronic board to find out what gate from which our next flight was leaving. Oh joy, the next terminal over! I left the other two and ran ahead to make sure we all made the plane. I don’t even know what happens if you miss your plane. Do they credit your ticket for another flight or do you have to buy one out of pocket? On the Amazing Race, one of my all time favorite shows, the contestants simply wind up on the next flight, they never explain if there is added cost. The shortcut from Terminal B to C goes down some stairs, through a long tunnel and then back up. They have those moving sidewalks where ideally people can get quickly from one end to the other. That is, unless, some dip-shit takes up the whole thing with their luggage so you can’t run past them. I encountered two such dip-shits on this run. After the sidewalk I ran up the escalator bowling people over as I went. I shouted “excuse me” several times and towards the top I got stuck behind another dip-shit. I made it to the gate and they were already boarding the fourth group of five (we were group five). Beth and Vicki arrived and there was just enough time for them to go to the bathroom and then me. Six people got in line after us, potentially from our Houston flight, but I’m glad I ran ahead just in case. It was a good workout considering all the sitting we were doing that day.

Flight 3

For the first time on the trip we were all seated next to each other! We happened to be seated in the very last row of the plane. The sun was setting as we taxied. The city was lit up as we took off and I took a lot of pictures. As we flew Lake Michigan grew in prominence. It was weird that we were heading North-East to the lake when we needed to go North-West toward the Twin Cities until I realized the residents probably prefer less noise pollution directly over the third largest city in the country. Once up in the clouds it was hard to make out any cities below. Occasionally, I got a glimpse of an unusual looking lake and I would think I should look it up online when I get home (but I always forget).


Chicago NE of O’Hare

Beth and Vicki played Pandemic together on Vicki’s iPad while I played on mine. The flight attendants came through with the drink cart and I got more of that delicious apple juice. Before I could even open the can the captain announced that we were starting our descent, the benefits of a one hour flight. I saved the can for later. I was hoping our approach to MSP would involve a skyline view but it didn’t. It took a long time to taxi again. I wish airplanes could take off and land like helicopters, it would be much faster. Ken and Carol picked us up outside the airport. It was another brisk March night in Minnesota. As part of a budding tradition we went to Perkins on the way home so we could get a normal meal for the first time in seven hours and chat about our trip. The forecast for the next day and even the next week showed lots of snow. It sucked. Breakfast food at night, a pleasant sight. End of day five.

Back to reality

Back to reality

This trip was shorter than our usual adventures and we didn’t go outside much but I hope you enjoyed the read. As always, suggestions, questions, and financial support are always welcome. I hope to hear from you too, Mr. Heyden!


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