CaptureI received an email from TripAdvisor today, thanking me for my continued use of their website. These emails provide me with just a hint of interesting information so I thought I’d share it with you. I have written 129 reviews on TripAdvisor to this date since I first started reviewing on April 26th, 2012. This number of reviews classifies me as a “Top Contributor”. Hmm, perhaps I should add that to my resume. I’ve written reviews of 95 restaurants, 24 attractions, and 10 hotels (staying with family and friends whenever possible cuts down on the number of hotels we frequent). On those 129 reviews my words have received 30 “helpful” votes. Evidently, 94% of the 17,198 travelers reading my reviews are from the United States. As I have yet to review anything internationally, this percentage makes good sense. That will all change after Beth and I get back from our honeymoon to Europe this Fall. I plan to take excellent mental notes so I can write reviews of everywhere we eat and every attraction we see after we return home! If you want to read about some of the places I’ve visited my reviews are the next best way to do so other than the posts on this blog. And if the marketing people at TripAdvisor see this I am always open to money-making opportunities. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I am apparently the #1 reviewer currently calling Minnetonka, Minnesota home. Hopefully no one with more reviews moves in next door so I can maintain my title (however insignificant).



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